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    So this came up. Someone asked if people had seen and I didn't know what it is so i looked at it and their whole thing is

    "We are a community of littles, Mommies, and Daddies that have a sad. High quality (BPA-free) pacis are soooo expensive! We wanted to make sure that every little has a paci (or 12) of their very own.

    So we worked hard to bring you these fun, colorful pacis for FREE! All we ask is that you help us cover shipping, and handling.

    Wuvs and Thankies!" - from their website.

    So Naturally "Too good to be true" comes up. AND YOU ARE CORRECT.
    Basically how this business model works is the same way that TV Infomercials etc. work. They buy cheap, give it away for free, and mark up the shipping and handling. How much is it? well here is the info:

    They are selling allll these for ($0.00):

    This is their Shipping costs:

    And this is how much it costs them:

    So yeah don't bother with them as you can get the same thing on amazon for cheaper anyway. It's not free its just all in the shipping. Ok that's all guys.

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    Saw this site the other day and immediately my brain started screaming warning! $30 shipping for a single to Canada? For something that can fit in on of those bubblewrap lined shipping envelopes? ��

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    yuppers. iss better to have solid numbers than juss a warning alert so i thought id make it cuz it came up

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    The first warning was free, the second warning was free, the third warning was again, free. Nothing is free that is valued.

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    Meh, $7.95 for a single in the US isn't a terrible price. But that particular model is junk. Horrible nipple and a guard that doesn't fit adult faces well.

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    I didn't have any issues with them personally (other than a really ugly site). I bought 5 pacis for $22.50 (so $4.50) each. It looks like the exact same pacis from other sites so I was happy to get it cheaper. Agreed its not "Free", so maybe they should have been ""

    edit: technically I got 6, as I got a note that I was one of the first so they gave me an extra one, but I dunno if they are still doing that. it was a tan one with a little bit of glitter.

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