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    OK so I have had three "firsts" recently. On Friday I wore a diaper to the gym, yesterday I wore a diaper to work and also yesterday I got my first shipment from ABU. The gym workout was low intensity and I had a Northshore pullup on under my gym clothes. No problems and I had a naughty feeling of "getting away with something" the whole time. Yesterday also a Northshore pullup on under my work clothes and while I was a little nervous about it I was in an unusually good mood (for work) because of it. When I got home I had my shipment of 1 bag each: Space. Little Paws and Simple. I'm wearing a very soaked Space now and I totally love these products. I have a new level of respect for those of you that wear 24/7, I just need to buy more work pants that will accommodate a diaper. Looks like I'm going shopping this weekend, nice excuse to go to the uniform store while padded.

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    Awesome! Great steps in the 24/7 direction. You are making a lot of progress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuffedBaby View Post
    I just need to buy more work pants that will accommodate a diaper. Looks like I'm going shopping this weekend, nice excuse to go to the uniform store while padded.
    Your next fun experience will be in the fitting room making sure those jeans have a comfortable relaxed fit over your diapers! I recommend wearing your thickest diaper so you can make sure you get pants that will work with them.

    Tykables is afaik the ONLY abdl company selling practical non-ab-looking pants that are designed to fit over a diaper:

    cargo shorts:

    cargo pants:

    blue jeans:

    I bought their cargo pants and shorts... a bit pricey but worth it! They fit great over even a thick diaper, and have great waist elastic for a snug but comfortable fit. They've got a "diaper gusset" in the crotch that widens it out and lowers the inseam so your diaper isn't getting smashed up against you by your pant crotch.

    They've got snaps on the inside which theoretically could be used to change your diaper without taking off your shoes / belt, but I don't think that's very practical. (so many snaps for the pants, and either way ABDL diapers tend to ride really high so it'd be difficult to get them positioned up under your belt)

    At the local store I would suggest relaxed fit jeans or cargo pants. Cargo pants/shorts hide diaper bulges better than most jeans.

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    Any store that carries typical relaxed fit jeans or pleated front slacks will do just fine. Get one pant size larger than you need (and a belt), and you will have plenty of room to accomodate even the largest diapers.

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    Levi jeans (especially in black) a size larger than I used to wear with elasticized waistband are my go-to when I want to be discrete. They fit best low on the hips, I'm able to wear a saturated Attends with stuffer with no problems.

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