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Thread: Does anyone feel scared to wear AB diapers in public?

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    Default Does anyone feel scared to wear AB diapers in public?

    For me wearing a normal diaper in public isn't as scary as say if I were to wear Rears Princess or ABU cushies. Like I still get scared to wear public either way but slightly less so if I were wearing a plain white one or medical looking diaper. I guess it's just so if anyone questions I can make up an excuse or that's what people assume (that I need them) should my pants slip. I mean wearing a cushies diaper with baby prints all over it is a little harder to explain or subconsciously explain in their minds should they see it.
    How do others feel about this?

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    I am still nervous. But I have to force myself. I get one day to do it. But I need more time to get rid of it. Nobody said a word nor acted differently. I uses the tranquility diaper but once with confdry diaper

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    I suppose this may be apples to oranges, but I regularly wear AB diapers when driving long distances. Under normal clothes no one can tell, and the only ones who might notice are the cops pulling me over for speeding.

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    Not really but Iíve had experience. When I first began my 24/7 experience I wore goodnites primarily and then I didnít get my first real adult diaper until I tried the Tykables overnights and I felt goofy wearing a printed diaper to public places like work and then I thought well nobody is going to pull down my pants and see it anyway and that got me through wearing in public. Iím so comfortable now I donít care if anybody sees what Iím wearing it ainít nobodyís business but mine.

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    When I first started doing this? Oh, HELL yeah, it bothered the *ahems*, crap outta me. *FLEES FOR HIS LIFE!*...
    No, srsly...
    If you don't HAVE a choice in wearing protection? What the hell else are you going to do? I'm about as hermit/stayinside as a human being CAN be, yet still live independently. I shop, visit a restaurant or two per month. I even do short hikes and walks out and about. But I never forget that *BULK* that is wrapped around my loins, and I'm still having some trouble just saying 'To hell with it!', and ignoring it entirely.
    Now, the only time I get truly distressed, is if I have a failure of my protection. Even if it's only ME that knows, I freak the hell out... Not in a publicity, throwing my arms up in the air and hollering as I run around in circles sort of way, mind. (stop laughing, I KNOW some of you are, picturing that!)...
    But if I know my protection has failed? Whatever I'm doing, is instantly stopped, and I make billy-big-steps to my truck, and then drive straight home to get outta the public's view.
    Gods help me if such a thing should happen, and THEN, my old pick-'em-up truck suffers a damned mechanical breakdown on the side of the road, too?

    Think I'll just step out in front of a moving train, should THAT happen...



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    If caught I would say that if I have to wear them, I wear the ones that are fun looking, and dont look like they belong in a hospital.

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    I don't really care what print is on my diaper. Either way I'm not planning on anyone seeing the shell. I'm more concerned with them being seen at home, or by the larger bulge in my pants from the more premium (abdl or otherwise) diapers.

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    I have been wearing in public and work for many years but as discreetly as possible. 12 months ago I was preparing for work and last minute I decided to not wear that day which at that time I was pretty much 24/7 and my first job that day I had a accident at work breaking my leg badly with multiple fractures. Paramedics took me to hospital where my clothes were removed and a week later and new metalwork in my ankle I went home. I was greatfull I chose not to wear that day even though being diapered in hospital where I couldnít move would have been so much better but I was to embarrassed to ask infact I felt humiliated as it was at one point being accused of being a drug addict as I requested pain killers after surgery I was in agony. Totally sucked but I ordered a case of Abu little paws which arrived when I got home. I dodged a bullet that day but apart from initial embarrassment I probably wouldnít have cared too much afterwards as I recovered. Hopefully never happens again but be aware your luck can change and be left exposed.

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    I highly recommend you wear pants (and a shirt) over your diapers when out in public. This way it won't matter what kind of prints are on your diaper, and you won't have to be worried about it.

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    No. They are under my clothes and no one is going to see them.

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