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Thread: Role Playing ideas for beginers?

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    Default Role Playing ideas for beginers?

    Any suggestions for Little/ Baby Boy/ Mommy role play? Im not big on any humiliation, more into nurturing and being cared for , however with that said, a good otk hand spanking if warranted wouldn't be out. Of course that might be hard in RP...anyway all suggestions and ideas welcome... Thanks

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    Playing with toys, having a story read to you, being spoon-fed while I wear safety mittens. I like playing with Montessori toys (search on Pinterest), and my babysitter will sometimes blindfold me so I can guess objects by feel, or sort them out.

    My babysitter is keen on discipline: if I do naughty things such as refuse to put toys away, not go to bed on time, or sneak out of the house, my bottom will be smacked before the day is out.

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