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    I'm kind of shy , but not a lurker, I engage when I am in my comfort zone, and do look foreword to contributing as well as learning. I work in a high stress, dangerous professional govt. public service occupation.

    2) I've just recently came to the realization that I like : 1. wearing diapers. and 2. the stress release I get from the thought of someone else being in charge completely , and protecting me, caring for me ect.. kinda like an extended moment to exhale..relax, and feel safe. So I like the regression aspects as well possibly even therapeutic. There are times I do have to wear a diaper as a result of a child hood traumatic sexual assault, but I wont get into details here. So that's that about the diapers (yes I read the advice )

    3) I love all outdoor activities, Hobbies include History, Music, and fine arts, I also enjoy Historical European Midievil Martial Arts (HEMMA). My job duties require me to teach a lot and I enjoy teaching new things as it allows me to learn them better (If you want to learn something just teach it)

    4) Ive come here to learn about this fascination(s) of mine, possibly for re-assurance that I am not a just a weirdo perv as well. (at least Im honest). Im not sure what all is involved, what's ok what isn't, so I hope this can give me meeting new awesome people is always a plus.

    So with that said, thanks for having me

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    Default HELLO (Again) :)

    (Yes im using the cheat sheet)

    So I am shy in new company so it may take a bit but I will definitely become active and engage as time passes.. Glad to be here. In RL I am a professional instructor and supervisor in the govt. public service sector.
    I am married but she does not engage with my fascinations.

    What brings me here is my interest in diapers and age regression.
    just a couple things about that as I don't want to bore anyone..
    1. In the last 5 years I become fluid stool incontinent as a result from a child hood sexual assault trauma that because of the circumstances never got treated. (I was too scared at 5 to tell anyone what happened). It is well managed and really only occurs when I have dysentery of some kind and then only at night when I sleep.
    2. The age regression to me is more of a stress release from real world requirements of me having to be in charge and control at least 99% of the time (otherwise ppl get hurt or worse). Its relaxing and calming thinking about having a maternal figure taking control, taking care of me, protecting me in 100% of the aspects of life...that may be weird but it is what it is.
    3. While there is some sexual stimulation from these nurturing and care activities id be lying if I said there wasn't, I feel most of it is more therapeutic stress relief than sexual fantasy. Also I think in my mind I allowed this to develop partially due to the actual occasional need for a diaper as a reassurance or positive perspective view rather than a negative one of a mid-aged man in a traditionally masculine high stress occupation in diapers...again is what it is...ok so that's enough about the diapers. (See I read and paid attention.)

    I love outdoors activities, camping, hiking , fishing, hunting, but also enjoy playing guitar, and all aspects of music and the fine arts. I am a history buff, and also enjoy in Historical European Medieval Martial Arts (HEMMA).. I love my job and passionate about the teaching aspects required of my position. I provides me a chance to contribute to my profession by imparting 23 years of life experience and advice to the younger generations starting in it.

    There are multiple reasons for coming here:
    To learn more about my interests in this, to get advice in accepting my interests in it and assure I'm really not a freak or perv weirdo.
    To meet and interact with like minded people.
    anything else this site may positively provide.
    I am not here to "hook up", or date anyone as I said Im married and while she does not engage in this or support it, she doesn't condemn it either and that is her choice which I respect.. (Again it is what it is)..
    if interaction develops over time and no lines get crossed I'm sure I can be good with that too eventually but ill cross that bridge if it ever comes.....

    Well that's about it..and with all that said Thanks for having me!

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    Hi and welcome again. It looks like things worked this time. I too enjoy history and my two sons either teach or have taught history at the high school level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Hi and welcome again. It looks like things worked this time. I too enjoy history and my two sons either teach or have taught history at the high school level.

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