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Thread: Pleasantly surprised with Prevail Extended Use.

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    Default Pleasantly surprised with Prevail Extended Use.

    When I went to my local Value Village this past week I found myself greeted with two full packages of Prevail Extended Use diapers in my size. Given how Prevail is something as a medical/store brand, I hadn't really expected to get that much out of them.

    I was pleasantly surprised. Upon using the first diaper I found that the absorbency was average but when it absorbs, it keeps it. I do a test on my toilet seat to check for leaks and this diaper needs to swell up to a point where it is impossible to forget it's there before it starts to leak.

    Even though thrift stores like to act like retail shops and sell their freely donated stuff for a bit too much, $14CAD for 32 diapers wasn't bad in my book.

    Do you guy have any diapers you've been pleasantly surprised by? I'd love to know.

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    I've tried the Extended Use diapers too, and also found them to be better than I expected. I think the last diaper that truly (pleasantly) surprised me was from Sam's Club. I absolutely refuse to shop at Wal-Mart or Sam's, but I found some Member's Mark diapers at a thrift store and bought 'em just to try, and because they were cheap. As I expected, they weren't very absorbent, but they were very discreet and had these fantastic softy, stretchy sides. The Velcro-like tabs held strong and the diapers stayed up. They were perfect for daytime wear or when mowing the lawn or something. My normal go-to daytime diaper is the Tena Super Stretch, which also has stretchy side panels, but they lose their elasticity pretty quickly, and tend to sag.

    So that was a nice surprise. Again, it's just too bad I'll probably never be able to get any again.


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    I was highly impressed with Seni Quatro briefs and also Northshore Air Supreme. Northshore always sends me free samples whether I ask for them or not. They sent a sample of Prevail guards and they were awful. Not very much absorption at all. Next time I order, I'll see if I can get a Prevail brief sample. Thanks for the tip!

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    attends extended wear for me, they were a big surprise

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    CVS brand. I flooded them, and no leaks while sitting. Was a huge surprise!

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    I'm really surprised by these. Prevail, attends and cvs won't even last me 2 hours- at best. They clump really fast, and are horrible for containing leaks.

    Back when I flooded my diapers (about a year ago), they "might" have been able to contain one full bladder's worth of pee, but I couldn't sit down after that or I'd leak. And then there's the constantly having to stop and change after each wetting. Seriously, who like going to the bathroom just to pee every 1-2 hours, let alone changing their diaper that often.

    How can you guys say these diapers are good? Are you severly dehydrated, or just don't use them fully? And how often are you needing to change them? Then of course, there's the cost. With so many changes, diapers like these end up costing way more than mkst any premium diaper out there. They're just a total waste of money, and for what- poor to no performance? Wtf?

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