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Thread: diminished sex drive?

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    Default diminished sex drive?


    Well, I'm tossing this in mature, and it's an honest question, so I hope it doesn't get me in trouble. If it's problematic please let me know and I'll cut it.

    So, I've been in diapers for about a week, and since then, I've been considerably more relaxed, slept better, and generally enjoyed the whole thing. The only part that catches me off guard is my sex drive. I have a very strong drive, and the accompanying habits, but since being in diapers I've not felt the need, at all. I've not even been aroused physically.

    Honestly, I'm not complaining, it's nice. But I'm curious if this is common.

    Anyone else?


    -- Thad

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    That can happen. You have what it is you seek, so you just relax and chill. That's how it is for me now, although it wasn't always.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The psych meds i take pretty much put my sex drive in the basement. Oh well... what can ya do?

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    That's interesting. For me, wearing tends to pace my sex drive. Usually I can go a week, and then it's at a peak. It could be the wetness diminishes the desire, as wetness will diminish size, so to speak. And as said above, it could be that wearing meets the demand, and psychologically relaxes you. Of course for most, wearing usually stimulates the sex drive, so that's why I find it interesting.

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    My sex drive comes randomly... some times, I'll have none for days at a time - then sometimes its hyperactive and I just can't stop looking at nice... huge... beautiful tits. Sorry.

    Anyway - I wouldn't be worried if I were you.

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    Nah, I wouldn't be worried at all. In my opinion, the sex drive would be the largest when you FIRST start indulging, because you get that feeling of "FINALLY". But once you start wearing for prolonged periods of time, it starts becoming the norm, and therefore, not such a sexual pleasure. Not saying that it'll eventually get un-enjoyable, just not as much as the first time.

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