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Thread: Best hot weather diapers

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    Default Best hot weather diapers

    So now that it's getting warmer and I'm finding myself wearing pretty regularly, I'm wondering what the best diaper is for hot weather, i.e. to keep sweat, stickiness, and rash to a minimum. Specifically, I'm wondering if anyone has found there to be a huge difference between plastic backed disposables, cloth-like disposables, and cloth diapers in this department.

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    The cloth-like diapers would seem to be the better choice in warmer weather. But since I really don't wear diapers out that much I can't say for sure. However I do know that you'll want to change more often, heard that from some of the regulars here.

    Hurray for nice weather!

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    Although it's not hot-weather wearing per-say, I would say there is a HUGE difference between Depend's and their plastic cover and the Abena AirPlus+ Super. The Abena is WAY cooler. Someday soon as the weather heats up I will have more direct feedback for how the Abena wears in hotter weather.

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    Yeah, there's quite a difference in warm weather comfort between plastic backed and cloth backed. I'm not sure if you need to wear them, or just wear for fun, but when it's warmer, you'll probably find more comfort in something that is thinner and cloth backed. Pull-on types have seemed to be to be rather comfortable in summer, though they certainly don't absorb quite as much as traditional tape on's.

    If you're looking for something that would be bought at the store, my best bet for you would be maybe the CVS brand briefs, as they are cloth backed and I think they are almost identical to the walgreens brand and prevail. All three are very similar that I think they actually may be the same diaper, just a different package. They are on par with Depend briefs, though they are less expensive generally. Other than that, some places, mainly independent pharmacies and medical supply stores will carry attends. These certainly aren't as good as attends used to be, but are I think a step better than generic store brands. If you are going the attends route, get the breathable briefs, and absorbency is rated by numbers, the higher the number, the more absorbent. I've tried the #7, but I think they make the breathable in 8 and 9 as well, with those being a little more absorbent.

    If you are ordering online, most of the great diapers are plastic backed, but you might find the Abena Air Plus, I think they are called and I think someone else mentioned them. I haven't tried them, but they are supposed to be a bit more breathable. Also, Abena makes a wierd diaper, I think it's called the abri-wing, these are pretty good for warm weather too, as they have the benefit of leaving a bit more of your hips exposed for better breathability, and the waistband is not plastic, but rather that type of "cloth" that they use on disposable diapers.

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    I'm not a big fan of cloth... especially in the summer. Plastic pants make me sweat like no tomorrow.

    As far as disposables go, I would reccomend Abriform Super. They are relatively thin, discreet, and comfortable. Plus they hold a suprising amount.

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    Tena Ultra.

    Light, cloth like diaper that need to be changed often (every 4h normally).
    yet, the diaper is absorbant enough not to leak.

    It has velcros, so if you feel too hot in it, you can loosen it a bit.

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    Plastic all the way baby! If I'm going to be wearing a diaper, then I want the best diaper for its intended purpose, so fit and absorbency are first, and comfort is secondary.

    Actually, I've found plastic backed diapers to still be comfortable wearing in the summer - after all, they're diapers and diapers are fun. Seriously though, wearing these when it's hot outside just doesn't bother me much. They're probably a little warmer inside than underwear, but not a big deal. Babies were diapered up this way for years before the cloth-like backing came out (which still has plastic beneath it), so it works for me too.

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    I live in Florida and wear full-time. Yes, it gets a little hot, but I stick with plastic backed disposables. The so-called "cloth like" disposables are just as hot and they tend to irritate my skin more (not much slippage on my legs). You can, off course, manage with a much thinner diaper if your not incontinent.

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    for me its the breathable attends diapers. Granted it doesn't get too hot up here in the Northwest, but they do the trick for me...

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    Abri-form X-Plus Air-Plus

    Has anyone ever tried these? They seem like they would be ideal for the warmer weather. Abena makes the best products around, + these are cloth-like and 'breathable'.

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