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    I recently bought a case of wings plus quilted diapers and not quite sure about them yet anybody else have any thoughts about them

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    A friend bought those, He likes them, But they get kinda hot and stuffy.

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    They are cloth backed, have 4 tapes and relatively inexpensive (considering that you wear recreationally, and not out of need.) They are ok absorbency wise, tapes hold well for cloth backed, but they clump quite a bit. You do get what you pay for though, but not bad if it's your first time with online orders or starting out, and good on a tight diaper budget. In my opinion probably a 3 out of 5. But that's just my 2.

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    Wings diapers are about as cheap as you can get. They are nearly paper thin, and do not absorb much at all. The sides and areas around the legs are not waterproof either, so be ready for numerous leaks upon the first wetting. They will also clump and fall apart in about two hours, so also be ready to change very, very frequently (including overnight).

    Given their numerous changes required, they are axtually a bit expensive when looked at on a per-day basis. There are other, better, diapers out there. Don't bother with these. On a 1-5 rating, I'd give them a -1 rating if I could.

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