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Thread: Me not lurker... me lazy boy

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    Default Me not lurker... me lazy boy

    I read the sticky about how to write a good intro but I don't like doing what is expected of me so...

    I'm an adult child because a) I didn't want to grow up to be a man like my god awful father was? b) I didn't want to grow up to be any sort of 'man'? c) I don't like doing what is expected of me? d) shit happens!?

    I'm bipolar1 because... shit happens!
    I'm gender fluid because...? (a and/or b above?)

    I sometimes like to wear and use diapers and role play being a child because it's fun; it's calming, it's 'different', because I like doing what I m not supposed to do, and, no doubt, because I'm a 62 year old child. I mostly return to childhood when I'm hypomanic which is more fun than digging out ingrown hairs with your case you were wondering?

    I'm a kook and a medically diagnosed 'eccentric' so I don't have to take anything seriously but I take the pain of being deemed to be 'different' very seriously so don't worry... I'm definitely understand how difficult and painful it can be to be you.

    Twinky (because my mummy's pet name for me was twinkles)

    Shit happens so I wear diapers.

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