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    SO I was looking on classifieds online and I found diapers for 5 dollars a pack. I went there and she had 100 bags of junky brands. Then at the bottom of the pile was DC Amor pink. They were pink which I am a guy, but there they were adult baby diapers from a stranger. They were medium I am a large. She said they were from her dad and did not know where he got them. All the diapers were from him she was just selling them for him. I Had to buy the diapers and like six other bags. First thing I did when I left there I went to a store and put the Pink diaper on. Wow did it fill great and looked good in the mirror for a pink diaper. I pulled my pants back up and walked and they were very loud. As i left I know people heard me in the store. I think about it more now and I should of asked a little more about the diapers and if she new anything about ABDL. But if she did know more she would of not sold the DC diapers for 5 dollars

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    An interesting find, especially among all the other diapers! Maybe her dad was looking for a better quality diaper, but pink?

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