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Thread: What's going on with DailyDiapers?

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    Default What's going on with DailyDiapers?

    I had been using my account on Dailydiapers quite regularly, but today for some reason it would not let me post anything. I can sign in just fine, but all of the forums, my PM inbox, and even the "contact an admin" link is greyed out and will not let me type anything. I have not seen any notice indicating I was banned, or gotten any warnings before this happened, so I am very confused. My username for that site is Firefly 35 if that helps. Anyone have an idea as to what might have happened?

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    They got attacked by malware again or something so the whole site is shut down. Plus all the posts made after October 25th all got wiped out. That also means all your PMs made after that day are gone too. I hate it when that happens and it's not the first time.

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    Is malware a regular thing on that site, because this is the first I've heard about any security problems?

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    How occasionally? (Once a month, once a year, once a week, etc)

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    been using dailydi since its inception. ive only ever seen it have outtages of a day or two due to updates sometimes updates that went poorly then were reverted, that sorta thing,

    this is the first downtime ive seen them have due to malware, but they dealt with it swiftly, just to bad they had a mishap with their backups so some content was lost, but its back running fine now.

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    And hopefully they could get some of people's posts back from a backup server somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SorcerorElf View Post
    And hopefully they could get some of people's posts back from a backup server somewhere.
    Unless they're running a cluster of DB servers, or a high availability setup, most hosts are only going to have nightly backups. High availability means double the cost of servers, and double again for someone to set it up and administer it.

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