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Thread: Good diaper for Diarrhea

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    Default Good diaper for Diarrhea

    I've taken a few trips this year (all within the country) and on every one I have had diarrhea at least two or three days per trip. I came close to having several public accidents in my pants (as I was not diapered at the time) just making it to the bathroom in time. The diarrhea ranged from all watery (type 7 on the Bristol stool scale) to very soft mushy poop (6 on the Bristol stool scale) and often includes a watery portion with one that is very soft and mushy. When I get the need to go, I usually have a few minutes at most of straining to hold it back before it is coming out. It also usually comes in a few waves where I will have the initial I have to go right now and it will be in my pants if I'm not on the toilet. If I have the time to stay on the toilet and empty my bowels, it can take 5 - 10 minutes before I feel ok leaving the toilet as I usually can't stay as long as I would really like to. Then anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple hours later I will have another wave or two where I need to get to the bathroom. I don't generally experience the same diarrhea frequency at home as I do on travel. The travel diarrhea may be result from a combination of eating out more, generally eating a larger breakfast, eating at different times and/or a change to my daily routine and sleep schedule.

    I am looking for advice on the best diaper for containment. I know one of these times I won't be close to a bathroom and I want to find a good diaper before I have an accident. I only plan to use the diaper if I truly can't hold it or there is no bathroom available. I have seen a few other older posts but I wanted advice on the best diaper given the criteria below (in priority order).

    1. Containment. I need a diaper that can hold the diarrhea or mess. If it is watery, I estimate it is in the 1 - 2 cup range for the initial wave. The mushy poop is also in the 1 - 2 cup range for the initial wave. Hopefully I would be able to change or get to a bathroom before the second wave but that can be another 1-2 cups of mushy poop depending on how large the first wave was. In total I would say the volume is two to three times my average poop depending on if the second wave hits but not the complete 1 - 2 liter emptying of the bowel some people experience. As far as urine, I would like it to hold at least 1 full wetting (20+oz) maybe 2 because I will also wear it around and wet it but I don't need a super high urine capacity.

    2. Removable. I need a diaper that I can remove and still use the toilet. I plan to wear this diaper while flying and traveling around. If I can make it to a toilet for a regular mess or diarrhea, I will as I know changing a messy diaper in public is difficult and I don't want others to have to smell my mess unless I really couldn't hold it. If there is a pull-up that would work that is great but I know most pull-ups don't work well for fecal containment. I don't have a strong preference for cloth backed vs plastic backed as long as the tapes can be taken off and refastened.

    3. Discrete. I will be wearing this diaper while out in public, while traveling and possibly to work if the travel is in conjunction with a work trip. I don't need a diaper with AB prints and a plane "medical" diaper may be preferred incase someone sees it. I am primarily interested in fecal containment and am willing to sacrifice discretion for functionality. As long as it can hold 1 - 2 large wettings I don't need an extra bulky diaper I can wear and pee in all day.

    4. Cost. Cost is not a major factor as I would look at buying a case and having it on hand. I would like to stay in the $1 to $1.50 per diaper for a case if possible. I live in the US and have my own place so ordering online is not a problem.

    If you have suggestions for plastic pants you wear over your diaper to help contain accidents or leaks, I'll take those as well. I currently have a pair of PUL plastic pants and like those as they are more breathable.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    You might like ABU Preschool Plastic.

    Otherwise Dry 24/7, but they may not meet your criteria #3, as they are a little more bulky and crinkly.

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    Considering your justifiable reluctance to change a messy diaper in public, you're top priority after containment should be ease of removing the product. That really boils it down to cloth backed options as the velcro allows for very quick removal and near endless ability to reapply after removing. Cloth backed diapers all have their shortcomings and downfalls, but the ability to be removed quickly because of the velcro tabs to allow for toileting must be taken into account.

    To that end, I think you should look into the best clothbacks with velcro tabs. There aren't very many unfortunately. Even ABDL or Premium cloth backs in this market usually have sticky tapes and plastic landing strips. It's been awhile since I've paid attention to which ones are velcro tabbed, but I do know of a couple that would work well for you.

    Bambino UltraStretch: The tabs on these are magnificent AND you still get a plastic backed product! The diaper is as you would expect, exceptionally absorbent, good quality, and most likely WAY to much padding for your needs. However, the tabs. They're absolutely amazing. The velcro tabs are exceptionally strong, they never really seem to loosen like others do. They are infinitely adjustable, and the stretchy sides aren't so stretchy that they aren't secure. They are stretchy enough that you can fairly easily slide the diaper down like a pair of briefs for toileting in an emergency. When finished they can simply be pulled back up, and readjusted to continue to provide protection. But these are huge, bulky, and expensive.

    Tena Stretch: These things are little gems. They're ok absorbency wise, really cheap and readily available online. They DO NOT have standing leak guards which would normally remove them from contention for bowel containment. However, the leg cuffs are exceptionally good and provide a very secure fit (on me, your mileage may vary). I've used these before in situations exactly as you describe. The single, wide, stretchy tab provides an excellent fit while still allowing quick access for toileting and ease of changing in case of accident. You can either rip it off quick or drop em with your pants like regular undies. They're not bad.

    Tena Flex: These are actually made for your exact situation. They are a tape on brief, with decent absorbency, standing leg guards, but designed with toileting in mind. I've used these in the past with great success, although the fit takes a bit of getting used to. They can be applied or changed VERY easily and discreetly in public. They also allow very quick access for toileting when soiling of the brief is not desired. They are pretty darn good and can readily deal with at least one average accident.

    Whatever solution you settle on, I highly suggest you order at least a sample of the product first for testing. You need to figure out how to achieve the best fit, and how to remove the product quickly in an emergency. You also need to figure out if it will meet your needs in case of an accident.

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    Most plastic back diapers. You can pull up and down if you do it right I use TotalDry X-Plus Briefs If I have to go poo I pull the diapers down and use the toilet. But if I had the runs and have nowhere to go. It going into the diaper.

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    The Attends adjustable seem also good.

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    What you'd need is something that has a wider crotch, tall leak guards, and as far as the plastic backed vs cloth backed, in your case plastic backed would benefit you more. Cloth backed will easierly allow odor to escape, if the leak guards fail, they also tend to wick Liquid to the outer fabric.

    This is where ABDL brands come in to place, because they are constructed for those needs. They do have plain white options available. If price is what your biggest barrier is, I'd suggest Dry 24/7, they've got effective leak guards and the crotch is pretty wide. The leak guards start from the very top of the diaper to the very back giving you a much better containment option. The absorbency is amongst the best in the industry. The cases come in counts of 72 and the price depends on the size you get typically about $110-$120 depending where you buy them from. They are available on Amazon Prime making delivery more convenient. Their products tend to be larger in size than others, so take note if you tend to be on the smaller side of most large diapers.

    I'd also recommend to wear plastic pants over them, just to get back up containment and also an extra odor barrier to have a very reliable and effective set up to be less worrisome about your accidents.

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    I suffer from ibs and as of the last few months my symptoms have subsided (unfortunately it comes and goes been that way for 7 years). Anyway Iíve definantely had my share of accidents diapered and undiapered. In college I decided I needed to be diapered because bathrooms were too far away to even try Iíd never make it. Big thing to look for is big leak guards. Iím not really into ab printed diapers all that much but the ones Iíve tried from ABU are seriously the best for their large guards. But Iíve tried almost all medical ones and my favorite is probably the Tena slip active maxi. Itís thin discrete for me anyway and can easily handle the explosion if needed. They have tall leak guards and if you make it you can simply pull them down or untape the second tapes easily. My other favorite is the dry 24/7 but they are loud thick and quite noticeable... but they hold a lot!

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    I will second the leak guards, that's literally what they're there for. Despite popular belief, their primary intended purpose is not to stop pee from leaking, although they help with that too. Even some higher quality diapers have short leak guards, such as Abena XPlus and Tena ATN, and are terrible for fecal containment. (in Japan they cut right to the chase and refer to them commonly as "poop-stoppers")

    AFAIK, betterdry/Crinklz have the best leak guards available - they're very tall (2.5") and are held up with some very stretchy elastic. (and the diaper itself has good absorbency / fast wicking) Most ABDL diapers have at least decent leak guards. You can't really go wrong with anything that's an ABU/Bambino/Rearz brand

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    This▲. For diarrhea, tall leak guards are a must. So is having the diaper with a generous and high cut. No wearing a diaper that's one size too small, or you WILL have leaks and blow outs.

    Confidry and Northshore are good for this, and Betterdry/Crinklz is the best. Make sure they extend up to your belly button too! (Like they are supposed to).

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