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    Hello there
    Who am I?
    Wow it's difficult to describe yourself without thinking you're just trying to make yourself look good, but here we go. Hello! My name's Lexa and I'm transgender I find that's good to get out of the way early when meeting new people. I can be very, weird with my words and a lot of the time I struggle to get what I'm trying to say across in a way that makes sense, so please bear with me.
    I'm doing A levels at the moment (which are going horribly), unfortunately for me I chose Psychology, Sociology and History, and what I didn't realize is that there is SO much writing in these subjects. Organizing pages and pages of work every day is enough to make my head explode and honestly you ought to see my room, it's just paper all over the floor and the walls and things are lost every three seconds. I would put more here but it's crazy hard to describe myself, at least in my mind.

    Yes I like diapers
    Anyhow the nightmare of sixth form aside, yes I like diapers, I'm an adult baby, this is really all I'm going to mention of it in this intro thing, since let's be real we've all got some interest in diapers and it's far more interesting to hear things about people that aren't so predictable.

    What do I actually do with free time?

    With that being said, most of my spare time goes into binge watching star trek Voyager or Stargate (SG1 or Atlantis, because, and anyone who has seen Stargate will probably agree with me here: Universe SUCKS, and it is a testament to how bad Universe is that I actually wrote it down as Stargate Destiny before I googled it to make sure of the name. I mean come on it's just so BORING! I literally can't remember the name of a single character from the entire series but I could tell you the names of every main character from SG1 or Atlantis)
    Aside from watching Stargate, I like to read and if anyone has any good fantasy book to recommend that'd be great. Finally, I spend way too long playing grand strategy games, mainly hearts of iron IV, long live the Thunder Dragon Empire.

    What do I want to get from signing up here?

    I like talking with people I can be honest with, the internet is a great thing and it makes finding like minded people easy. With that being said, I'm just hoping to find friends I can be honest with and have a laugh with. A lot of the time I just want to talk about stargate or star trek, or really anything fantasy or sci fi, but as much as that interests me, I'm far more interested in making friends and finding out about other people's interests. After all I already know about me.
    It's also nice to have a non judgemental community for support if I need it and to be able to give others support when and if I can, though I can't guarantee I'd be that much help.

    There are probably typos and bits that don't make grammatical sense here because I'm awful at writing things, but that's it from me for now.
    - Lexa

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    Wow! What a great intro Lexa1224! We're happy you're here. There are many here who share your interest - and several from the UK - so you should have no problems making friends here!

    What got you into diapers and what kinds of diapers have you tried so far?

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    Ditto: great introduction. I also enjoy the occasional sci-fy. I especially like scary and horror films and TV shows.

    I took some writing classes a few years ago and found there were some good ways to organize one's work. Usually one has to quote from sources and I would sometimes organize the paper by the sources, putting those into an order that made sense. Then I would write the paper around the quotes and sources. I have been know to write short stories and even a novel off the top of my head so I may be an outlier in that sense.

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    I can't imagine all the writing. In both school and college I hated essay questions and term papers. I always preferred the multiple choice or equation type questions.

    I don't quite agree with your take on Stargate Universe. I do think it was the worst of the three series but I still enjoyed it.

    Anyway, I'm sure you will fine good information here and we look forward to hearing your views.

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    Ok so I've been really busy this morning and I'm finally free for 20mins, firstly what got me into diapers? I don't really know, if I had to say I would guess it's just part of wanting my childhood back. Even though it's really nobodies fault i'm still really angry that I had a very stereotypical boys childhood and I want to be able to experience it again in at least some way, in the way I want, doing more feminine things and having the girls childhood I couldn't the first time around.
    As for what diapers I've tried? It's basically just anything I can get from the pharmacy, so really just the stores brand, boots staydry I think they're called, it's been weeks since I actually went and got any so I might be getting the name wrong, though I do intend to get more today. I wish I was able to order some from online, get some babyish designs and such and ones of better quality. Because there's only so much of the tapes on these stupid store bought ones ripping off that I can take before I go mad, but I don't have any way to do so.

    Organizing things is complicated but despite how I may have portrayed it earlier, I am improving slowly but not as quickly as I'm sure my teachers would like.
    I see Universe in much the same way I look at Star trek Enterprise although maybe a bit worse, it's not like it's impossible to tolerate, it's just certainly not anywhere near as good as the other series like Voyager or Atlantis

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