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    I often have this time where I want to wear a diaper, but I also end up talking myself out of it at the same time. Does anyone know how to fight this off.

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    There is actually a open thread dealing with locked in diapers where you can get information that might help you to stay put to your decision.

    In addition to that, what's actually written you can put your diaper on and a waterproof pant to avoid leaking and over this combination you can wear an overall with zipper in the back. After this you get dressed for an walk perhaps first in the fields or woods but later on downtown.
    Because of the covers you need stripp down to get access to the diaper and that's not that easy if you are not at home.

    As enhancement you can lock the clothing or diaper covers and leave the key at home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KryanAshford View Post
    I often have this time where I want to wear a diaper, but I also end up talking myself out of it at the same time. Does anyone know how to fight this off.
    Realize it's OK to be an ABDL. There are so many of us ABDLs that we have our own AB adult diapers in our real sizes. Just let it happen. Wetting diapers is fun and necessary for many. If you were IC wouldn't be fun to visit a site where everyone wants to pee/poo diapered? Better than being bitter about being IC. I think you should take the name ADISC to heart. We are an adult baby lover incontinent support community. It's OK. Diapers are cool. I love them. I know how you feel though. I've been there. I have wanted to stop. I've even tossed my stash once. I think you are fine as you are. I love myself also. I'm at Walgreen's right now wishing I was diapered.

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    Remember that EVERTHING has a cost. I'm a lifelong diaper lover. I'm old. I fought the same issues you are dealing with now. I came to realize I can't quit any more than stop breathing. ABDL is deeply ingrained in your psyche. You most likely can't erase it. But you have to live with it. Don't feel guilty or buy into the condemnation that's piled up by societies norms. What you do in private is your business only.
    That's the hard part. Most abdl's live a lonely or restrained life hiding their things for the few moments when they can indulge in their desires. It's most likely what's waiting for you. So, try with all your might to restrain your desires and be careful to find your special someone that fully accepts you being abdl. If you don't you'll most likely be more miserable than if you're alone. We have been dealt this fate. It's tough a lot of times. But we need to still be a part of society. Like it or not. Remember to keep your desires balanced with life. That means you'll always wish you could be in diapers more than you actually can. Us old guys know where your coming from...hang in there.

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