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Thread: Why I hate Kevin Spacey (and you should too!)

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    Default Why I hate Kevin Spacey (and you should too!)

    This morning an allegation was made public that Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted a 14 year old boy approximately thirty years ago..

    Anthony Rapp, an actor best known for his role in Star Trek Discovery, stated in his allegation that Spacey, apparently intoxicated, entered a room where Rapp was watching television at a party. He picked him up and then held him down on the bed laying on top of him while trying to seduce him. Rapp squirmed and got away.

    This is bad enough but it gets worse.

    Today, Spacey responded by saying he doesn't remember the event because he was drunk at the time and he apolgized if it happened. He then took the opportunity to come out as a gay man.

    This is offensive beyond belief. Being gay has nothing to do with the actions of molesting a minor. It was an immoral and conscious decision to go after a child, not an act of being gay. He can't use the excuse of alcohol, and certainly not being gay. It is child molestation, plain and simple. And then to come out as a gay person as if it is some sort of an excuse to justify his behaviour is an affront to every gay person who has struggled with his orientation. He deserves neither sympathy nor support for coming out of the closet in the midst of such horrendous accusations.

    Coming out of the closet is such a personal, emotional decision involving friends and family. We come out when we are ready. We do not announce it in the middle of accusations of molesting a child as if it makes it a legitimite reason to commit the act or to use it as a means to change the topic of his assault against a minor. Spacey is in no way representative of gay people, all of whom condemn his despicable actions and his self-serving response.

    I hope this ends his career.

    Just had to get that off my chest!
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    Dear Kevin Spacey,

    Thanks for setting gays back 50 years by drawing an equivalence between pedophiles and homosexuals.

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    The girls on The View said the same thing as did others in the media. To draw a connection between being gay and being a pedophile was a terrible thing to do. Maybe he had other intentions in coming out, but what everyone heard was the connection. Ugh!

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    You and many others online have pretty much summed up everything I've wanted to say about this case. So yeah. Fuck Kevin Spacey.

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    Disturbing to read and it seems Horriblewood is full of abuse of children and women (probably men too) I would like to reserve my hatred for someone that either confessed or was found guilty.

    Not saying donít be wary of handing your children over to producers or actors for their drunker cocaine rape fests though!

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    Where there is affluence there is power. Where there is power there is subjugation.

    The whole industry reeks of corruption and taking advantage of newcomers and the unwary soul.

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    What a deplorable twat.

    On the bright side, the media coverage has been unanimous in calling his "explanation" into question. In a bizarre counter-intuitive way, maybe the indignation and outrage shows how much of a weak minority homophobes are.

    He's still a twat, though.

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    This is why there are stage mothers. They get a bad rap for trying to further their kids' careers, but they also know they need to watch out for predators. Sadly, the arts are full of pedophiles. I was constantly hit on by older men when I was a young student studying as a budding concert organists. That's one field that was open to pedophiles. Normal people would be surprised what a haven the church is to pedophiles. Where there is the church, there are children, and where there are children, there are pedophiles.

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    I do not have enough information to make a judgment on this.

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