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Thread: caregiving my Little bro for a Week.

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    Cool caregiving my Little bro for a Week.

    In 11 more sleeps I will have my Little bro with me for a week.

    He is going to be babyed for most of the time. Letting me care for him like the Adult baby he is.

    Has anyone taken on the caregiver role for a week.

    What things did you get up to?

    Has anyone be in Little space for a week? What things worked well for you and what things would you sergest we avoid?

    We have done alot of planning already but this is the first time I done this for more than a weekend.

    Any advice would be appreciated thank you guys.


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    I've care taken for a few days before.

    I changed my friend
    fed him
    played games
    their is not much to it. but everyone is different.

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    Well we are planning on a trip to the zoo, steam train ride and boat trip.

    Although he will be in little space and still won'ts me to treat him as if he was a toddler when in public. He will be dreased in worm clothes. Don't won't him get cold. It is November.

    But one of the things he won'ts to do is be taken to the seaside and do things that kids do there build sand castles. Draw in the Sand etc.

    I will be taking him to a changing room to Chang his diaper when out.

    And at I am going to feed him only at home.

    We just looking to have innocent fun together and enjoy each other with out trying to much attention to ourselves.

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