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    Who own a AB straitjacket or another one from e.g. Posey or Humane Restraint. Do you like to be enclosed by a straitjacket for several hours diapered and ensured to need use your diaper?

    I own several straitjackets and some of these are locking with Segufix pin locks that open with a magnetic key or very special magnetic key with 4 magnets in special positions . This yellow segufix key needs to be placed on the green segufix lock with hexagon pin and must be twisted to unlock.

    I've recognized that the locking button is hold quite firm in the key. Because I think of that this is to difficult to get the button out of the key I've grinded some of the plastic to reduce the grip. Do this very slowly because if you gind it down to mutch, you need to hold the button in adition to the key during opening the lock.

    The sj with friction or roller buckles could be locked with anti theft pins I like to use for non locking equipment quite often.

    What's your experience with sjs and medical restraints and how do you use yours.

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    I have a complete segufix bed set. I have a friend who will put me in it when I feel the need. Its very comfortable but very restrictive. Have managed up to 8 hrs in it.
    We have an emergency alarm / call system set up when ever I use it BTW. I always use a premium nappy, either cuddlz or space with 2 lille classic pad maxi boosters.
    Two or three layers of plastic pants, (Pants, bloomers, rompers or a combination of all three) keeps everything contained. Then a footed onesie on top. I also have some posey padded mitts for that completely helpless feeling.

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    Posey SJ here. I love wearing it. Makes me feel safe and secure.

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    I have a Posey med with a modified two leg strap and friction replaced with an snap buckle with key. I have placed a stiff copper steel wire in the lock held in place by stress tension. It stick off to the side and only needs to be push in a bit to open.

    I can get in the jacket and lock it by pushing the locked close. I can post a more details at a later time.

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