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Thread: locking adaptive mittens

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    Default locking adaptive mittens

    Of cause there are some threads on mittens in the past, but all of them are already closed.

    I have 2 pairs of Sècu - Gloves - PLUS which are rigid in the palm and locks on at the wrist by Segufix locks or some locks alike.

    I'm sorry but mostly I managed to twist the hand in these mittens and only if they are very closed very tight, it prevents sometimes to twist my hands. With the hand twisted in the mittens I can grip a key or something else e.g. to open locks.

    I've padded mittens as well but these mostly aren't locking on and it is still possible but difficult to grip something. Ok opening a clasp on the back or a rear zipper is prevented mostly.

    Because of this I use a combination of an overall with feeds and mittens and locking zipper over the other mittens to be as "helpless" as a "baby".

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    ss44bb - you must be awful naughty - out of your mitten restraints and typing on a qwerty keyboard ! LOL !


    While there are lots of ways to restrain the hands - the POSEY line is perhaps the most secure and humane - ebay search:

    Padded mitts for humane restraint posey or Segufix mitten medical hospital baby

    These are expensive but other less expensive mittens are available.
    Locking can be done by pulling nylon straps - Velcro closing - and buckle with lock.
    With locks one is not going to be able to chew or tug on straps.
    If other methods of securing are used then a paci restraining should be considered or
    keeping the mittens out of the range of the mouth.
    The utmost care must be taken when using mittens as all the normal functions of the
    hands are restricted. Reference to 'Helplessness' is an understatement !

    Yes with mittens one is reduced to infant like baby motor skills !

    This thread should give Houdini a pause to reflect on escape !

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    I have a number of mittens to keep my hands out of trouble, the ones I wear the most (that aren’t attached to what I’m wearing are my Posey double padded ones.

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