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    I Suffer with pretty spectacular bowel incontinence and in the last few weeks Iíve had some really bad trouble with diapers blowing out during an accident.

    During the day I wear a large Molicare slip maxi with 2 strampelpeter boosters and plastic pants and either a onesie or net pants.
    Due to the force of the accident and the fact thatís itís very liquid, I keep having really bad leaks which manage to escape the plastic pants and onto my clothes.
    At around lunchtime today, I was crouching down getting something out of a low cupboard and I felt myself leak poop slightly into my pad- all of a sudden, my backside literally explodes and the poop ended up spraying out the TOP of my nappy and up my back.

    At night itís even worse as I sometimes lose 2 litres at a time, I use drynites disposable bed pads, but itís still fairly nasty waking up in poopy PJís as it absolutely stinks!

    Any advice on helping to contain the problem? It seems as if Iím doing everything I can, but the leaks keep happening!

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    Get better diapers!

    You need a diaper with a more generous cut, which will leave more room inside the diaper without compromising a snug fit. You also need higher leak guards, as well as a higher rise on the front/back of the diaper.

    I highly recommend betterdry. Also make sure the waist band extends up to your waist line (belly button) as it is supposed to.

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    Your boosters might very well be the culprit. The added mass may be neutralizing the leak guards of your diaper allowing matter to flow right over the top of them as if they weren't there. You might also be wearing a product that is too small for you. Diapers shouldn't be form fitting. Try not using the boosters (especially in the back). If you are still having issues you might need to find a better product.

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