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    First of all I've noticed when I order diapers from ABDL marketplace and nappies are us, that the packaging is not as descrete as I would like it, ok, it doesn't say diapers or anything but the pack of diapers in wrapped in a black wrapping, the point is, when you hold the package, it feels like a pack of diapers.

    My dad answered the door and thought I ordered a load of sanitary towels and I told him I got a electric blanket which he now believes I have

    Here's a few questions that will hopefully increase the security and privacy for when we order diapers.

    I know nappies are us packages are delivered by dpd, of which I don't have a dpd post office near me, (only nappies are us have a bigger selection of diapers), but do they place your order in a cardboard box if you ask them to? ( I had 4 packs of diapers wrapped in the black wrap, it could rip and expose what I got!)

    Does ABDL marketplace, place diapers in a cardboard box too? I know I have had a cardboard box when I ordered pacifiers and onesies together.

    Finally does ABDL marketplace use Royal Mail as their courier, if not what company do they use to deliver their goods to your house?

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    I'm thinking when I order next, to only order 1-2 packs and ask to them to put it in a box and when my delivery comes, see what it came in.

    The plastic wrap is descrete but it's obvious what I bought! At least in a cardboard box, nobody will know

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    I find the plastic bags annoying as well. They're not really expected especially if the site says discrete.

    From NRU FAQ
    "If you want to make sure your order is shipped in a box instead of a grey bag then feel free to send us a message and we will be happy to sort that our for you."

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    Oh, ok, that sounds better, nappies are us are great apart from the packaging so far, the selection is huge

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    Yeh just request cardboard packaging from NRU and you'll be fine

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    The BEST thing about Nappiesrus is that you can pick up straight from the warehouse if you're near Bolton or Aylesbury :-)

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    Save Express ship in cardboard boxes and offer a few different couriers as options.

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    Another thing you can do with a DPD delivery, e.g. from NRU, is to say you won't be in and have it dropped at a collection point nearby. For example, if they ship to me and I respond to the 'Your parcel will be delivered today' message, I can theoretically have it dropped at Sainsbury's down the road and collect from there at my convenience. I have not tried this with nappies but it worked fine with something else.

    One thing I saw with NRU shipments, although NRU themselves don't put branding on the package, DPD's label and/or the handheld device on which you sign for collection, displays either 'Inco Shop' or something similar. Presumably because NRU and Inco Shop use the same DPD account. It would be good if NRU (and Inco Shop FWIW) could change the name of their account with DPD, or specify an alias for the sender field in DPD's system, so that it appears as 'XYZ Traders' or something generic, in case someone other than the recipient has to sign at the door.

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