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Thread: Being caught with a vintage adult diaper

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    Default Being caught with a vintage adult diaper

    This is along the same lines as bobbilly's thread "Whats worse. Being caught with AB nappies or medical nappies?". For those who have large stashes of vintage diapers, it is not uncommon to wear one from time to time.

    Has anyone ever worn a vintage diaper and had extra explaining to do or noticed people thinking it was more odd than a mainstream diaper, such as to medical staff? At one time, these diapers were all that was available (also from a time where there was no such thing as cloth-like).

    Along a similar vein, do you think plastic-backed diapers stand-out as being inherently ABDL rather than just an undesirable alternative to cloth-like (this is the general public we are talking about here)

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    I doubt anyone but an ABDL would notice the significance of someone wearing a vintage diaper. Even then it's common for normal people to have old packs of diapers from a decade or more ago and use/sell them without realizing their age (or collector value on the market).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jellyjigger View Post
    This is along the same lines as bobbilly's thread "Whats worse. Being caught with AB nappies or medical nappies?"
    I think it just changes one uncomfortable explanation for another. The medical explanation, while unpleasant, is probably easier to get them to "accept, keep private, and not bring up again" than the AB/DL explanation.

    If you're caught wearing a moly, "ok, you're wearing that because you need it." But caught wearing a safari... "ok I get the diaper but why so fancy with all the animals?" or "well I've never seen an adult diaper before, I wasn't expecting it to have BABY written on it or have all those baby/child designs on it, do all adult diapers look like that?" (leading from one unpleasant explanation directly into another)

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    My opinion is the same as the medical/ab diaper. Medical is worse.

    No normal person is going to know the difference between a vintage and ab diaper. Most probably won't even notice incthe first place. But they will notice when you've leaked really bad, and have to explain away why you're using a crappy diaper.

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