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Thread: Absorbancy Plus or Dry 24/7

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    Default Absorbancy Plus or Dry 24/7

    I'm getting ready to restock on my Abena M4's from XP Medical. Since you get free shipping for buying a case I was going to order a bag of something different to try. I'm trying to decide between ordering a bag of Dry 24/7's or a bag of the A+'s. I'm leaning towards the Dry 24/7's, especially since price per diaper is less. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Dry 24/7’s were my main go to diaper now I wear BetterDry diapers

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    Both are super-expensive here. I found the A+ to be cheaply made -- no leakguards, not a great fit, and the padding clumps and separates like no other diaper I've ever tried. I don't specifically remember the 24/7s, but I remember quite liking them and thinking that I'd buy a pack/case if they were cheaper.

    So I vote... Dry 24/7!

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    The A+ used to be cheaper, it's unfortunate they've raised the price so much. They lack a lot of the premium features - no front or rear elastic, no leak guards, BUT the shell is very soft and they wick incredibly well. The superior wicking almost negates the need for leak guards. But clumping is an issue. They seem to work best for overnight.

    247 wick pretty well too but not as fast, you can't flood them so easily. I prefer their fit also. I'm surprised that they're actually cheaper than A+ now. Capacity is pretty good but I have been known to need to get up early in the morning to change because I'm full, they're not a premium capacity diaper.

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    Thank you all for your input. I'm going to give the Dry's a shot. I've tried the Northshore Supremes but they just don't offer free shipping on large orders. I'll let you know what I think. I'm ordering this week.

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