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Thread: Ordered some plasic pants

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    Default Ordered some plasic pants

    Here's the deal. I get nappies form the NHS 1 a day, as a bed wetter that's all I'm entitled too. I top up from nappies r us. Anyway topping up is costing us a small fortune.

    So the Wife and I thought "well there's got be a cheaper way to sort this topping up problem out"

    This is what we came up with. Bath sheets!

    We ordered "rubbers" that's what the wife calls them. Plastic pants and some very, very cheap bath sheets 150cm*76cm spent 3 days looking at the web on how to fold nappies. I'm sure most of the users here have done the same.

    Guess what? yep your right! we found what you guys and I guess girls found, nothing on folding towels of that shape.

    Anyway, 4/5 glasses of wine later we figured a fold out. (sorry should have said earlier we ordered some I think they where called nappi nippas) We didn't like the idea of pins! (Stuff that the wife cant boil an egg! I'm never going to let her loose with pins)

    I'm going on a bit now, but. WOW I love my new towel (cloth nappies) and plastic pants (rubbers)

    They just never leak! not sure how long them nappi nippas are going to last and it's a bit of a pain to wash them (now I know how to setup the washer for my towels) but I think I'm going to stick with it for a few weeks, might even save a few quid.

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    Awesome plan! I'm always on the lookout for old flannel sheets, towels or anything else comfy and absorbent that I can get cheap from the Goodwill or just culling old stuff from my closet. I have not used pins really. I prefer to just let the plastic keep my cloth in place while I am asleep. Probably not the best plan, but I did buy pins in case I ever needed them but at this point I just keep one on my keys in case anyone ever asks why I have a pink pin on there I can refer them to the support group.

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    I diaper a day those cheap bastard's i get almost 400 a month , not to mention I mostly prefer my cloth so I give away a ton of diapers to local ABDL and incontinent people, my girlfriend gets diaper rationed also , she apparently is caught in paperwork , she can't indepently transfer to toilet or in and out of bed or wheelchair so even thought she has to use diapers that falls under some voluntary use guideline so she gets like 100 per month , whereas because i have no voluntary control i fall under the "all you can eat plan" sure she more or less decides when to let go, but is still just as wet or messy as anyone else in diapers and she doesnt have an aide during the day, so she can be in a dirty diaper 6 or more hours without anyone to change her, so voluntary or involuntary shitting yourself still ends us both in a dirty diaper , and females are much more vulnerable to infections and such then guys so I don't understand , she recently had aides that did not adequately perform hygiene when changing her that developed into multiple stage four pressure sores and diaper rash and it cost upwards of 27K per sore to heal them and still no better or greater quantity of diapers , off course her aides see fired and hopefully enjoying there new friends in jail.

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