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Thread: What happened to ABjane?

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    Default What happened to ABjane?

    Her blog is gone and so is her Tumblr and she changed her name on twitter and fetlife and her Twitter page has been made private and so has her daddy. Also her fetlife profile changed too but she still shows her face but not on her Twitter page. Does anyone know what happened to her?

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    Probably had enough of the culture. Either that, or people are stalking her.

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    I bet she had enough of the creeps, I have quite a few girls that are ab and they always say that they are constantly bombarded with creepy messages and stalkers. Some people don't know were to draw the line and they think posting dirty / raunchy things on the internet is harmless but it really affects the end user.

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    Someone told me on Dailydiapers she decided to drop her online life to go back to school. I was worried that maybe she got social services on her so she locked her twitter account, changed her user name, shut down her blog, and hid her face. She did mention having a son several times.

    I am also a female and I don't get bombed with creeps but maybe because I don't post my face. Occasionally I will get a creep but I ignore them.

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