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Thread: best wet diaper indicater ever

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    Default best wet diaper indicater ever

    i was walking to my car today (thinking about my wet diaper) when i sawa jeep tricked out for climbing. written upside down on the back window it said "if you can read this turn me over"

    and i thought what if diapers had a wetness indicator that would appear (rather than disappear) when wet that said "if you can read this im wet--change me" or
    i just peed again, or not only did i just pee but i pooped too. lol that would be so funny!

    or maybe im justwierd

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    You are weird!

    But then again, I like your idea.

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    Love it! That feature should definitely be on a diaper somewhere!

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    Lol, I think that'd be entertaining/funny. Then again I prefer most wetness indicators and weird things anyway. Sure it's a weird idea, but then again we're part of what's typically considered a "weird" community haha

    I think it'd be pretty fun if a diaper were made that'd glow in the dark when wet. I literally just thought of that within the past hour of reading your post

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    hey captain, they make glow in the dark fish and other animals now, so why not a glow in the dark diaper. lol it would be great fun at parties.

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    Heheh, right? It's kinda funny how it's on the opposite side of the spectrum of discretion which is probably more typical and/or preferred

    I don't know the science behind pulp and SAP or glow in the dark chemicals, let alone ones that react to moisture, but as long as the quality and performance wasn't effected and the chemicals were safe, it'd work. I could imagine it being possible. And I'm sure having a glow in the dark shell or parts of it glow in the dark is totally possible.

    I like @ggreggy 's idea of something appearing instead of fading too

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    I almost bought a t shirt the other day that said "If you can read this you can change me " unfortunately I didn't buy it I bought a hoodie that said "loading diaper please wait" with a half completed red progress had a vast array of baby onesies and mom and dad ABDL shirts , I will be shopping there again soon !

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