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    hi all,
    I have just booked in to visit mummy amanda's nursery and while i am super excited i am also very very nervous to see her and her nannys. i follow them on twitter and it looks amazing almost too good to be true. my question has anyone ever been to see them.

    I am not a nursery novice i've been to see couple of other nurserys in the uk.

    thank you in advance

    sissybaby noelle

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    hello sissy noelle all i can say is you lucky thing to get an appointment they get booked up months in advance i have been to see quite a few nurserys in the uk, one of the worst was a nanny in essex nanny betty who only seemed to car about money and her self and kept telling me i was having fun when i really wasn't, but mummy amanda and her nannys are the most genuine, careing, amazing and classy ladies i have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Their adult baby nursery and sissy facilities are by far the best in the uk they have even just open up a sissy salon, i can not recommend them enough. I would never go anywhere else now and am sure you will have a fantastic time, mummy amanda gets everything there is about being a sissy baby and when she does role play there is nothing else like it in the world.I try my hardest to visit when i can and i have booked in for the french nursery in july, i can't wait.

    sissygirl lilly xox

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogstyle View Post
    You people are so lucky. Nothing like this in the USA.
    I had a quick google and found a few places. Seems like they're out there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogstyle View Post
    You people are so lucky. Nothing like this in the USA.
    Probably just a bit more "underground" here in the USA. A lot of the rest of the world considers the people in the US to be a bunch of "prudes" where it comes to sexuality. Over here the "one night stand" is looked down on, whereas over in say somewhere in Europe it's more of an accepted thing.

    I could see some low-key advertisements for such services over there... try that here and you'd more than likely see a swarm of intolerant people submitting a petition to the governor to demand the city find a reason to shut you down and get you out of their neighborhood/city.

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