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Thread: did your classmates know?

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    Default did your classmates know?

    did other students in your class or school know you wet?
    when my cousin bobby and i were in third grade, someone from our class visited our neighbor. he saw the pjs and underwear on the railing, and sheets on the line (with no other wash) and guessed we were bedwetters. it didnt take long and the whole school knew.

    it also didnt help when i wet my pants the next year on a field trip.

    while they never let us forget that we peed the bed, they were careful not to push it too far--we could take care of our selves.

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    I had few friends and nobody slept over. However, my mom was from the generation that never had clothes dryers so all laundry was air-dried outside.

    Still, as far as I know, no neighbor or school mate knew. Since I only bed-wet, I never had an accident in school or during the day.

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    It was never any secret that I wet the bed growing up.

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    In middle school, a lot of people knew because I refused to wear diapers to school and I wet my pants occasionally. In high school I wore good nites most of the time and only one person found out.

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    as far as I know no one ever knew if they did know they never said anything to me.

    yes I might of smelled like pee in the mornings even at school because I didn't clean myself the way I probably should have I just didn't think about it the way it should have.

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    No one knew about the diapers. I don't think any of my friends do to this day.

    But that I wet? Maybe. I had a few accidents when I was in school which my friend lent me her jacket for to tie around my waist one time.
    So she knew (that was nice of her). And a couple other friends probably can tell I have minor bladder issues as I've had some really close calls on more than one occasion.

    If anyone else knew they certainly weren't open about it. Minor stress IC with a few major accidents in middle school and a handful of small accidents in HS. Have since gotten better with it, but it happens once in a blue moon. Not common enough to call myself IC though.

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    I was and still am a bed wetter, so there might have been a couple times where I may not have cleaned myself up the best that morning, but no one said anything about it(this was in high school). I also remember having a large wetting accident in eighth grade. I tied a jacket around me, but I remember getting a weird look from someone in the class. Maybe because the seat was wet.


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    Iím pretty sure my best friend knew but he never really ever said anything. I was never given the option of any protection, so it was just always wet beds. A plastic sheet was always on my bed and made a very obvious and embarrassing crinkle...hard to conceal. I had another class mate who did wear and was quite open about it right up till at least 12. I never said anything but boy was I jealous, hahaha...of course because I was secretly fashioning my own all that time, at least after my two younger siblings stopped wearing and there was none to steal. Boy itís a tough gig for kids who have to deal with this. Any wonder I grew up clever.
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    Hmmm. Probably they knew about me if they ever spent more than 45 min with me or came over

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