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    Well, I guess that it really has been quite a long time since I was ever active here, so the recommendation of reposting an introduction post doesn't really sound like a bad idea eh?

    So firstly for those that do not know me yet or just don't remember me anymore, heres a quick introduction.
    I am your basic 22 year old stereotypical computer nerd but just minus the asocial aspects that usually come with it.
    If you find yourself spread wide enough across the interwebz you'd normally fine me on places like reddit, Fa, Youtube (even though I don't really engage in conversations much anymore since the death of the comment section).
    And yes I said Fa as well, so I'm still just a secretly pervy furry, so what? We all have a bit of kinky in ourselves, right? :P
    Quite a addict in terms of music, I really can't see myself doing much in life without having at least some background music to go along with it (much to the dismay of the rest of the people that live with me but such is life). And my tastes in music are quite well spread out, so I am more often than not hard pressed to find something that I couldn't find at least some form of appreciation for.
    Besides that, I am slowly being lured back into my old habit of drawing (as much as it hurts me to look at what I make, this time I'll try not to let that get to me to the point where I outright stop again), so let's hope I wont be a lazy butt and even post some stuff if it will be relative anywhere here.

    And that's more or less me in a few paragraphs (okay obviously not, but hey... wanna know more? or do you atleast share an interest or two with me?
    Well I don't bite, feel free to talk to me and I do take pride in finding time to stay social considering the amount of free time that I usually have

    Have a good one,
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