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Thread: Do little tend to be overly sensitive?

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    Default Do little tend to be overly sensitive?

    I don't mean that in any disrespectful way, but I am a new mommy, and I mostly communicate with my little online, and I "think" he is mad at me. Everyone is an individual, but do littles "tend" to be on the extra sensitive side?

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    I know my little can be when I am babying him and when I am little I'm very moody and sensitive. Though this is the case everyone is different and maybe you should talk to your little about it and establish better communication. Good luck.

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    I think it's fair to say the littles at the least have mood swings. Sad or grumpy one minute, happy the next.

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    I know I am , it’s a defence mechanism waiting for the other shoe to drop waiting to get hurt or taking things too much to heart because of insecurity

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    As a little, I can confirm that I tend to be sensitive. Especially if I'm in little space the littlest thing can upset me.

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    When I'm little I'm open and very vulnerable.

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    I think many littles are genuinely afraid of being hurt. We also tend to form deep attachments to caregivers very quickly, and if your little has been through the attachment cycle before, he or she may be 'once bitten and twice shy.'

    ORBaby said it best: When we regress, we tend to be very vulnerable to being hurt, slighted or offended. For many littles, I think there's a 'thin skin' cycle that accompanies regression; we feel exposed because of our innately human desire to be loved, wanted and appreciated. Consequently, we tend to 'invert' miscommunication and interpret it as a direct threat or insult.

    I know that's probably not much help, but that's my view. Relatively few women have patience for littles because we're so complicated!

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    Maybe I hurt his feelings, or made him feel bad in a way I am unaware of. He has gone dark, and blocked me from an app that he also uses for his big side. I worried I did something wrong by looking at what he was posting, which was normal big stuff. I asked if he blocked me and he said yes, from that one because he "didn't feel comfortable anymore". We hadn't had any issue before, it was all of a sudden. Now he also isn't on the "little side of him" apps.

    He is significantly younger than me, in the real world, so this management of multiple apps is a lot of work to me.

    Is he possibly going something that doesn't even involve me? Like guilt or depression?

    If I offended him, I hope to repair it, but I "feel" he is mad enough to just not come back.

    This is all new and weird to me. Any ideas?

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    Sounds like he may be scared or embarrassed about something. It may be about being little and went into a purge cycle. Since he has gone dark there is not much you can do directly. Just be patient, and he may get over what is bothering him and be ready to come back to you.

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    So.. I dunno about others, but even lightly in little mode and I am *way* more delicate and sensitive than an adult should be.

    Deeply in little headspace and I can be made to bawl about minor things, and serious grown up self worth issues can be full blown crisis.

    The flip side is my highs are higher too.

    Now... the other thing to consider is you say he's much younger. I may be an old fogey little, but younger folks also tend to be ... flightier... and.. there could be other emotional/psych issues. Many folks seem to gravitate towards AB stuff as a kind of self therapy...

    General advice for having someone come back - send a message of acceptance and hope for a positive outcome and be patient.

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