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Thread: I'm loving my body changes.

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    Default I'm loving my body changes.

    Well my body is changing dramatically because of the hormones I'm on, not going into specific details about the medications I'm on but there typical dosages.

    I've noticed that I'm somewhat at peace with everything, less aggressive, I'm having breast development which is awesome I used to hate touching my chest and would avoid looking at it, now I have no problem with any of that.

    Skin changes my skin feels softer, my hair feels softer, body hair isn't growing as fast and is thinning.

    I pretty much get no erections at all literally there pretty much non-existent unless I try, I'm generally feeling a lot happier being on hormones.

    My face is also feminizing quite a bit, though one odd thing I've known is I'm speeding though the changes.

    Some of the transgender females I know who are older than me (33) have taken months to get to the point I have, and transgender females younger than me have pretty much been on the same "timeline".

    These changes are so exciting and awesome, it's improving my mood mentally and I'm happy for it.

    Emotion wise, I'm more in "touch" my emotions are more female like, my smelling is a lot more sensitive, and I get cravings for salty foods.

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    I am glad you are doing so well, LittleJess!I am glad they are making changes faster for you, many people feel like those changes take forever!

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    I know a lot of people whose lives were changed for the better after hormones.

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