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    Has anyone tried the new pullup yet? It appears they're a lower rise with flowery
    print. The size large was in a pack of 10 for the same price as the older Always
    Discreet size large pack of 17. I didn't buy this time. These pullups were in my
    local CVS.
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    Today I saw the first TV commercial on these pullups.

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    I've tried them (bought a pack yesterday), and they're pretty nice. Very soft and comfortable (even compared to "regular" Always Discreet), and I'm definitely a fan of the very-feminine design. Also, is it just me, or do I detect a hint of "sexy" in the marketing for these?

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    Yeah, they're nice. I'm also into panties, and these give me that panty feeling...if that makes any sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aderth60 View Post
    Yeah, they're nice. I'm also into panties, and these give me that panty feeling...if that makes any sense.
    Oh no, it makes total sense, glad I'm not the only one who got that sensation from wearing them so far (in a good way, as I also have a thing for panties).

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    I have not tried the new boutique underware yet but love the original discreet underware very feminine and very sexual for me they feel great

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    I wouldn't use them for absorbancy, but if you leak only a bit. They're pretty soft, so pretty comfortable. I don't think they hold much and don't keep their shape

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    I bought a pack of 10 last weekend to give them a try. I like what see so far. For CD'ers and girls will like their pink
    color and prints. I think they're a little narrower in the crotch than the Discreet Classics. I wore mine in the lighter time
    of day where I don't wet as much and found them satisfactory with no leaks. I won't sleep in them or use them in the
    morning where I wet the most. I do love the feel and fit of them real well.

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