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Thread: Modifying pacifiers and making shields

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    Default Modifying pacifiers and making shields

    I started off with wood carving a shield and recently got my budget fixed. I was ecstatic to have money to spend for this month. So I bought myself two packages of mams to try something. I originally got this idea from a couple Youtube videos. I want to eventually make usable shields out of wood. Need to find a food safe coating though.
    Basically the shield on mams have two pieces that are snapped together. The two pieces clamp the lip of the nipple on the other side. This makes it near impossible to get the nipple out. I do all sorts of crafts including building instruments. I have built several guitars. Bunch of my earliest ones were failures though.
    I used a heat gun that I use to bend wood for making the pacifier shield plastic soft. Then I pried the button off the shield. After it cooled I put in a teat of my cheapest pacifier just to see how it would work. I got carried away and did all my current pacifiers. Luckily the process was a success and the only thing that got ruined was the Pacifiers R us shields. They are apparently a lot more flimsy then the one I got in 2013.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Look at my avatar. This MaM Air paci has changed nipple by myself. Using some thiny screwdriver you can open it without much difficulty.

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    A heat gun!

    By Jove you're a genius. Always had so much trouble opening these but for whatever reason never even considered a heat gun.
    Man I wish I knew about this last year when I hurt my teeth trying to pry one apart X)

    Awesome idea making a custom wood paci btw. Maybe this will help looking for a food safe coating?

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