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    Well I've been brushing my teeth 2 a day for the last 3-4 years, and I'm developing fucking tooth decay, little black spots on my teeth.

    I don't have money for a dentist, but I'm curious as to why they just randomly appear out of no where? I suspect it's because I don't floss.

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    I have never flossed in 31 years and never needed a filling. I think it's all down to genetics.

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    Do your teeth hurt? Are you sure they're cavities? The reason I ask is some vitamins and drinks can stain teeth and look like cavities.

    You say you can't afford a dentist. Where I live there is a dental school which offers many services of a dentist at a much reduced cost. Maybe there's one by you?

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    Then you should get insurance. Problems with your teeth can become very uncomfortable over time.
    The reason for tooth decay? There are many but a dentist could tell you more.

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    My teeth are awful, even though I take pretty good care of them. I can't afford to have them fixed and I'm pretty afraid of it too. I'd bet many of them can't even be fixed. Insurance costs money and it doesn't make the dental work anywhere near free... Still expensive... They don't bother me too much, only every one in a while. so... I just keep taking care of them. It gets depressing sometimes to know I take care of them, yet they're still bad

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