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Thread: New diapers from Rearz?

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    Default New diapers from Rearz?

    So I made an account on Rearz back around May of 2017 in case if I want to buy some of their products in the future, & we all know Halloween is coming soon (& it'll be over by the time this post gets up).

    So let me get to the point. Rearz has been sending me emails about about a contest because of Halloween, & I just saw one email where they announced a new brand of diapers called "Super Boompa Diapers".

    Not sure if anyone has said anything about the new diapers or not (if anybody has though I apologize). But are their reviews on that brand yet or no? The email said that they're new, & sizes are only in medium & large.

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    Rearz are reselling them, they are a Dotty the Diaper Pony (or some such name) designed diaper.

    They are Super Hero themed in dark blue with red and yellow and campy Batman 60s style expressive words during combat.

    From my experience they are very much like MyDiapers in fit and absorbency maybe a tad smaller or maybe the dark colour just made them look that way to me.

    Comfy and reliable, actually yes. slight potential for transfer of the colour from the backing of the diaper to rough material like denim.

    I personally had a very negative experience when I first preordered them from an eBay retailer and sadly the Dotty rep (owner?) here on ADISC dismissed my concerns denying the reality of the situation and backed the scam bag retailer after I reordered directly from Dotty so can't actually recommend them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argent View Post
    From my experience they are very much like MyDiapers in fit and absorbency maybe a tad smaller or maybe the dark colour just made them look that way to me.
    I've looked at them briefly (haha) and I would agree, the physical appearance AND the color palate/art style all appear to match mydiaper. (compare them to their older Night pattern, with the dark blue fields and the style of the elves and unicorns)

    That would make them a good lower end ABDL diaper. They're made by SaveExpress in Germany, and don't have a strong outlet in the USA. (I've ordered a few cases from over the pond - the diapers are quite reasonably priced, but shipping is always painful, I wish they'd get a good local outlet here)

    MyDiaper are in the group of diapers that fit on the small side, so if you're not going to order a sample first, definitely pick a larger size.

    Rearz doesn't organize their products too well, here's a direct link

    They do seem to carry a surprisingly large variety of MyDiaper, though their prices are extremely high. My last order from SaveExpress direct was 75GBP for a case of 80. So was shipping. So the total was $150GBP. (which is currently US$197) Rearz wants over $200. Considering the massive difference in what they're paying in shipping, but sorry, that's just an obscenely high price, it's still actually cheaper to order and ship a case from Germany!

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