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Thread: Getting out of footie PJs?

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    Default Getting out of footie PJs?

    Is there an easy way to get yourself out of footie pajamas that have padded mittens and a full length zipper in the back? Without needing someone else to take it off for you?

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    This sounds like a product expressly designed to prevent easy self-removal. My only suggestion would be to tie a string to the zipper or to a paper clip and then slip the paper clip into the zipper handle.

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    This is depending on your dexterity and mobility as well as your weight. For me it is quite easy to get out of my little keper sleepers and other footed sleepers with the zipper in the back.

    I like to use the locking zippers you can easyly zip up but need a key to release. If you unlock these zippers thy aren't blocked and open easyly by pulling and it's not so difficult to unlock the zipper at the neck if you have the key.

    That makes it quite easy to keep you in your sleeper and gain access to the key after some time.

    Of cause you need a way out in emergency and if possible a back up to help you.

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    depends on if your willing to runnion them or not........ isent that the point

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    Modified method of Trevor - instead of string - use dental floss much stronger and less apt to break - add a paper clip or small ring to hole on zipper if it has one.
    With a locking zipper the locking must be unlocked otherwise the attempt is fruitless or going to rip stitches out of the zipper sewing.
    Have a zipper that is hard to operate - lube it up with candle wax - yes candle wax. Other methods petroleum jelly just a dab or WD40.
    Be careful of zippers that track in tight confines trying to nick and nip fabric in the transit of the zipper - get a jam and it then becomes a real jam trying to unjam.
    Best kind of zipper is the large nylon teeth type unlike the spiral coil type - very positive opening and closing and unlikely to become discombobulated.
    With care though the spiral coil type can be reset to use again.

    Going back to the OP - that must be a one torture suit - padded mittens preventing any real unzipping and getting into as well as out of the onesie.
    Hope you are well padded for the duration of confinement !

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    Thanks for your replies.

    Your information recall the memory of being in an very strong double layer canvas overall with feeds and closed arms. I managed to unlock the segufix look at the end of the zipper near the neck. But the problem raised because I was wearing undergarments that get caught up in the zipperslider. It took some time to break the fabric which was rather rip prof.

    I had to pay for the repair and strengthen up the overall by using dyneema cotton fabric which is really ripprof and very difficult to cut even with sharp scissors or knife. They use this fabric in several layers to build up bullet proof vests.

    From that day on I am aware of undergarments under back zipping overalls.

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    If you’re wearing this, it means you were probably fastened into this suit by someone who didn’t want you taking it off by yourself.

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    I had this made for myself thanks for the reply’s the string worked

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    I have a sleeper not unlike this, and what I do, is pulling my hands into the sleeves where the padding doesn't effect my grip as much.

    ss4bb; that sounds like an amazing suit, did if I ask where you picked it up from?

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