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Thread: cuddlz first gen on discount?

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    Default cuddlz first gen on discount?

    Just a heads-up, I was just looking at cuddlz's store and noticed they have their original cuddlz diapers going pretty cheap, they're about half the price of their new line. I don't think they were always that cheap, so I assume they're closing them out?

    US$57 for a case of 80, that's $0.71/diaper

    I never got any of their first gen diapers, but I just got a case of their new "bright days" gen 2 and they're very nice. It doesn't look like gen 1 have front elastic, but that's the only difference I could see. Anyone know if the padding or any other features are different?

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    Oh wow, while not a huge fan of the design, if I had the space I'd buy a full case just because the price is so good.

    Thanks for letting us know!

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    Not sure about US but still seems cheaper on Amazon taking into account shipping.
    To get to me, next day delivery is 7.95 so grand total for 20, priced at 12.99, comes to 20.94 whilst amazon is 18.30 with free delivery.

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