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    I just thought I'd share the moment I am having as I write this post. I am sitting in a small airport in Eastern Washington (where I know no one) waiting for my plane and I'm well padded. I can look down and see a large mound of diaper under my jeans but have no qualms if anyone even notice. It is so liberating. I know this doesn't sound like much to some of you out there but with an uninterested wife (in diapers) and two year old daughter this type of opportunity doesn't come around every day. I am just enjoying the moment and maybe trying to burn some time until my flight (only 2 more hours). Does any one have any similarly experiences?

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    Enjoy as long as you can and it is liberating to be out in public with a thick one on.

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    Yes, totally. To be able to go about your day with a not-deliberately-exposed-but-difficult-to-hide kind of nappy, and really not care if anyone notices, is blissful. It's one of the activities that lies just the right side of not being deliberately attention-seeking, that strips away all the frustration, guilt and worry, leaving you to enjoy the convenience and comfort of your nappy with a sensation that it is 100% normal and OK. You're still part of an exclusive club, as someone recently phrased it, but you're not obliged to hide your membership card. I find myself worrying less and less each day, so I choose whatever absorbency I need and if it makes a bulge in my jeans, so what? It used to feel better to have baggy, poorly fitting clothes that hid the nappy. Now I would rather be smart, have nicely styled trousers that are a good fit, and not stress about the nappy showing through slightly.

    Enjoy the rest of your free time while it lasts. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I think that applies to padding too.

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    Wow I couldn't have said it better Paxe. I'm my time waiting at the airport I also started fantasizing about someone asking me if I'm wearing a diaper and talking to me about it. This is a new feeling for me, I have away been very guarded about this side. Maybe its just me getting older and more apathetic about what people think of me.

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