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Thread: All Hail the Return of the Demon Princess~

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    Default All Hail the Return of the Demon Princess~

    Heeyo~ I'm sure many of you have no idea who I am, but I used to actually be active here, especially when it was I decided to run away until I actually could active here again, and well, I'll have the internet at home at like the end of the month hopefully. I guess I was also drawn back into actually bothering with the ABDL community as a member of DLTown, which was awesome, but the admin gave it up (At least it was for the right reasons)

    I'm Missy(Mysi, Mysika), a pre-op transgirl studying library and information services at college. I guess my major interest is anime and manga, but I wouldn't call myself an otaku (I wouldn't want to either, unlike some anime fanboys/fangirls with butchered Japanese, who probably deserve that title). I also tend to be a fan of darker types of fiction. I'm just fascinated by sadism and cruelty and screwed up things. Of course on the other end of the scale I also like immensely cute things. I think it's a bonus if something is dark and screwed up and cute at the same time :p

    I would call myself a paraphilic infantilist, but I'm also kind of DL too. If being trans and infantilist isn't enough though, I'm somewhat of an otherkin too, because I have somewhat of a demon-ful identity.
    Anyway, I don't know else to say... Ask me questions if you're interested.
    Oh... I have a blog I share, I advertised it before, but I'm sure everyone ignored me
    Change Baby Girls

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    I pritty sure I remember you from, so please correct me if I'm wrong about who you are.

    Didn't you write the story about the mirror that pulled people into the other dimention. It started with you getting pulled in and then you pulled in other people from if they asked you too. Am I right? Either way, welcome back.

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    Uh huh... that was Summon Contract...
    I think it got abandoned with though... I found myself hating it the more a progressed it... Y_Y...

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    Welcome back, Mysi !

    I remember you well from TBDL, and have missed your comments and interactions. I hope you'll be able to stay around and be your reconstituted self. You added much life to the old forum and will probably be happy with what the new one has become.

    When I first joined you were calling yourself a descriptive phrase which you stopped using (but which I though was funny and cute). I won't repeat it in case you don't like it any more...

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    Oh yeah... I'm still a bitch if that's what you mean?... An apathetic, sadistic little bitch... But that's my good trait :p

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    Mind posting those stories you wrote on TBDL for us to re-enjoy, Mysi?

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    Your new avatar is messing my photographic memory up man. Other than that it's good to see an older member back in activity.


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