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Thread: For Canadians: Best bang for your buck?

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    Hey folks,

    For our Canadian members, and really anyone who knows of a company. Are there any companies out there that offer more substantial sample packs to Canada like say This one? and have a more robust catalog of product?

    I know Age Comfort and Healthwick offer a sample program, but their offerings are less then stellar to say the least. I have had my eye on trying Northshore for example but they quoted me $25 USD to ship a sample of 4 to Canada. O.o

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    HDIS has a diaper sample that $9.99 and a booster sample for $4.99 they both come with two of like 20 different diapers and boosters , the best quality diaper in them would be the ATN so low cost diapers for sure.

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    I now get all my diapers from Healthwick they have great staff and they understand incontinence needs and you can not beat thier customer service level and shipping times.

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