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Thread: October 19, 2017- Spirit Day

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    Default October 19, 2017- Spirit Day

    Tomorrow, October 19th, is Spirit Day. People will be wearing purple tomorrow in support of LGBTQ youth. You can also click on the button in the link below to 'go purple' so your facebook photo shows your support.

    The purpose is to raise awareness of the disproportionate amount of bullying LGBTQ youth face each day, often without any intervention from those who are charged with their care.


    • 85.2% of LGBTQ students report being verbally harrassed
    • 63.5% report having heard homophobic commemts from teachers and/or staff
    • 57.6% did not report bullying because they did not expect help
    • 63.5% of LGBTQ students who reported an incident did not receive assistance or were told to ignore it.
    • 57.6% did not feel safe in school because of their orientation or identity
    • 48.6 have been victims of cyberbullying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    I have my purple T-shirt ready and waiting for the morning!

    Way to go, Tiny. You never cease to amaze me with the videos you find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starrunner View Post
    Way to go, Tiny. You never cease to amaze me with the videos you find.
    Ha ha! Gogol Bordello are a bunch of nutters -- their live performances are legendary. I remember seeing a video of the lead singer with a fire bucket on his head, bashing the hell out if it with drum-sticks in time to the music whilst crowd-surfing.

    "Gypsy Punks" is a great album of theirs. The lead singer fled the nuclear zone in Chernobyl and was incarcerated in refugee camps for years, before he was granted asylum and was allowed to live as a free human being again. The track "Undestructable" is about not losing faith, surviving hardships and not letting your battles weaken you. I guess there are some parallels with the struggles that many gay people have faced; having to fight for acceptance and recognition.

    It's quite inspiring stuff. And such a great album.

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