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Thread: Werid thoughs and tharpiat

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    Default Werid thoughs and tharpiat

    The other day ago I said to myself after I masturbating and it was ,"I am not ashamed to be a diaper lover". So did I finally acept myself or make my self feel better after masturbating? Then I ask myself what happens now if I wear diapers and I still feel nervous of being discovered?

    Next thing is the tharpist. I am going to have a new tharpist and she doesn't know about diapers. I think I need advice on self esteem. Self accept and. Maybe masturbating. And diapers. What thing should. I not talk about?

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    Therapists are there to talk about whaterver YOU want to talk about. It isn't like this is a test you can study for, nor cheat on by getting answers from us first.

    The best advice I can give is don't hold back any secrets from your therapist. They can't help you if they don't know what's bothering you.

    Ps. And glad to hear you're FINALLY starting to come to accept diapers are a need for you (both physically AND mentally), as well as something you enjoy.

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    But what happens if I wear in public and i am nervous is i still need more work on accepts and self esteem plus just doing it alot. Is talking to her about. Matbating okay? I don't. Think I will tell about. Diaper because she will say to quit it. I always prep by having questions or topics so I can spend the time wise and get all the help I can get from her

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    It's just underwear. I'm saying that bluntly because you need to hear it and repeat that to yourself. I wear every day now and the idea of putting on regular adult underwear is now what's weird and creepy. To me, regular underwear just isn't comfortable and I feel dishonest like I'm not really being myself if I were to go back to them. Also, I'd have to stop and ask myself why the hell I'm doing that. I get that diapers are a societal taboo but so F'ing what? To me the bigger taboo is denying who I am so to hell with what polite society thinks.

    Unless you are an exhibitionist while out and about, which clearly you are not, there's nothing wrong with being different. If people find out and they try to shame you, you should be able to turn it on them and shame them right back for being intolerant jerks and harassing people over harmless traits is not cool.

    Life is too short, man. Frank from Rocky Horror Picture Show was right. Don't dream it. Be it.

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    Thanks guys. I will try saying to myself it's just underwear. The turn around if found out will be hard. Since I am not good with thinking on the spot

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    That's why it's an ongoing process. I was nervous too. That's why I joined this site. I was weirded out by it. Scared it would come out and I felt shame and guilt. I've literally had to start repeating new positive thoughts to myself. Over and over. I still do it to this day. No shame, no guilt. Be who you are. And something I like to remember was an influential teacher I had in high school and how accepting and non-conventional she was. She was an inspiration to me and I sadly lost her in 2012. But I came to the realization that she would accept me for being ABDL and what's more, she would probably encourage me to live as I desire. I've always admired her philosophy and allowing myself to be ABDL is sort of my way of acknowledging the lessons she left me.

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    Sorry. For your loss. I will try your ideas today what about the tharpist your thoughs

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    I told a therapist long ago... I debated telling her for quite awhile, but then I decided that, if I was really serious about getting help with my relationship problems, she needed to know the whole picture. We talked a bit about it, and that was it. I'm sure the reason it never came up again was because it was inconsequential, in the grand scheme of things. My problem was more related to my choices, and my availability to be in a relationship, as well as the availability of the women I was choosing. It had nothing to do with my favorite method of masturbation, or the type of underwear I wore, or any sexual gratification I might have gotten from either. Because this is a choice so few make for themselves, it's outside the mainstream, and, thus, we, too, feel like we're outside the mainstream, when it comes to relationships, etc. We're not. We're just like everyone else, with little secrets & aspirations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by makena43 View Post
    But what happens if I wear in public and i am nervous is i still need more work on accepts and self esteem plus just doing it alot. Is talking to her about. Matbating okay? I don't. Think I will tell about. Diaper because she will say to quit it. I always prep by having questions or topics so I can spend the time wise and get all the help I can get from her
    If you get even a half-decent therapist, they will not tell you to quit. Especially when you tell them you have a real medical need for them. That would be just stupid for anyone to tell you that.

    So what if you like diapers in addition to needing them. Yes you should mention diapers. They will help you get past this unfounded fear of yours.

    And guess what, mastrubation isn't wrong either. It's kind of expected the two should eventually cross as well. Mastrubation and diapers do involve the same area of the body after all.

    Now quit working yourself up into such a worry and go talk to your therapist. About it all.

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    If you have any worries about diapers or masturbation, then these are exactly the things you should discuss with your therapist. Your therapist is paid to be the person you can speak to about "weird stuff" that you can't or don't want to discuss with other people in your life. It's his/her job to listen to all that crazy shit you can't discuss with your mates.

    Pretty much everyone masturbates, so there's nothing to be ashamed about. And I told my therapist about diapers, and he didn't bat an eyelid. He wasn't ABDL-aware, as such, but he instantly recognised it as a self-soothing behaviour. His only concern was in getting me to accept myself, realising that wearing diapers was okay, and that I should give more value to what I think than what (I fear) other people might think.

    One of the first things my therapist said was that I probably wouldn't be able to completely eliminate the desire to wear diapers... but that was fine by me. I don't want to be someone I'm not.

    Also, I have found that wearing in public is only worth it when I'm feeling really depressed or really chilled-out. Otherwise, the comfort they provide isn't enough to counteract the fear that someone might notice the bulge. So I very rarely have the inclination to wear outside the house.

    If wearing in public is causing you anxiety, one way to deal with that is to increase your levels of self-acceptance to reduce your anxiety. Another is to simply not wear diapers in public. It's up to you. Anxiety is a bitch. I'd do anything to avoid it.

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