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Thread: Looking for pic + brand diaper reference info

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    Default Looking for pic + brand diaper reference info

    Somewhere along the interwebz I had found a comprehensive list compiled of many different brands of diapers containing pics and brand names. Have no idea where it went. Anyone have a link? I'm trying to find out who makes some diapers I have. THX

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    There have been a number of attempts at a list like you're saying. Unfortunately/fortunately, diaper designs keep changing. Every list I've ever seen was out of date before it was 1/4 finished.

    As I recall, the reviews were highly debated too, as they were often created by just one person who had only been able to loosely test just a few diapers, or a dozen at best. And as a once good diapers got cheapened up, the reviews became invalid and were eventually taken down.

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    Yeah I wish I knew where that bookmark went.... The list I found several years ago was quite large.
    I've got some disposable diapers I'd love to see if are still in production. I'll hafta take some pics of them and
    put up for identification I guess.

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    I can save you the time. If the diaper is more than five years old, it is not being made anymore. Though it's quite possible there is a cheap knockoff version of it with the same name being made today.

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    Orly? Pretty standard life cycle of all 'brands'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nkysillytigger View Post
    Orly? Pretty standard life cycle of all 'brands'?
    Yeah actually. Manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve their products. Diapers are no exceotion, even if that improvement is to their own profit margins.

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