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    Default Domino's Australia.

    Well, this is stuffed, domino Australia has most likely sold our data to a third party, lately I've been getting emails from this sarah person who happens to live in the same suburb as my local domino's store which I order from.

    While doing some digging, I've discovered that, it is indeed domino's "selling" our data to a third party.
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    eh.. why even care? if i ever get an unknown email, i just ignore it and don't think about it. if i get a call from an unknown number, i just don't answer and block the number. just forget about it. it makes life a lot better

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    "How I learned to stop worrying and love the data leak."

    honestly, its like i told a co-worker the other day when i suggested he start using the internet to pay his bills:

    your information is out there already, regardless of whether you consent it to be or not, regardless of whether your paying your bills online or not.

    Between cover up hacking occurrences, revealed data breaches and third party data sales, its all out there already.

    if you use your card at a store, and walk in, they have your info, and its been stolen by someone else already and the company either has not gotten around to informing to the exact extent of the data theft, or has not acknowledged it at all. take yahoo for instance, the latest figure of account information, including credit card details that were unrelated to yahoo sign up, but happened to be on people's computers, is estimated to exceed 1 billion.

    and that is only ONE data breach, admitted by ONE company...also keep in mind that the initial figures yahoo gave were 130 million..and they tried to keep it that way until word got out of the exact extent.

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    Anytime I do business online I will "mistype" one letter in one of the fields and write it down , then when garbage starts showing up , minnow who is selling my info .

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    Nothing is safe anymore. Everyone is selling info.. If not, then they're being hacked. Only total hermits can avoid it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShippoFox View Post
    Nothing is safe anymore. Everyone is selling info.. If not, then they're being hacked. Only total hermits can avoid it.
    It wouldn't of happened if I wasn't lazy, woulda just walked in and bought the pizza lol.

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