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    Default Oops moments.

    I'm sure we've all had some odd/funny/embarrassing/upsetting moments with diapers. Here are a few of mine.

    Sitting at a Starbucks studying I lost track of time. I got up to get another hot tea and realized I hadn't changed my diaper in a while. So I went into the bathroom. Well there was a pin hole in the back of the diaper that made a grapefruit size wet spot and the air dryer was broken. Using paper towels I started to dry my pants. As I was drying my pants (still in my wet diaper) pee drops starts going down my leg, on my shoes and socks, and on the floor. I stoped trying to dry my pant and changed my diaper.
    After I got my pants as good as I could I headed out if the bathroom to go get another hot tea. As I stood in line an elderly lady (she is a regular there) pulls in my shirt and said "your shirt was stuck in your underwear honey". Could my damn day be any worse? I've had this happen before but it in a place where I frequent. I thanked her and she said not to worry. I paid for her drink for telling me.

    About a year ago I was at the supermarket getting a few things. I kept hearing a ticking sound as I walked and realized my shoe was untied and the laces were making then sound. I squatted down to tie my shoe and as I was tying them I felt a big fart. Stupidly I looked forward and saw no one there so I let it go. The position I was in made it hard to let go so I pushed... hard. As it turns out I had diarrhea, it was loud, unmistakeable, and it filled the front of my diaper because of how I was position. A lady walks by me and says "oops".
    I was afraid to move but I had eaten some spicy food the night before and it was burning my skin. I had to leave my cart in the isle and walk/waddle out of the stir to my car and go home. I sat down in my car and that was an unavoidable mistake. On the way home a huge wave hit me and I couldn't hold it. I came up the back of my diaper, out of the legs, and holy hell did it burn. I got home and thankfully my neighbors were gone. I stripped down in my back yard and hosed my self down before going in my house to shower.

    A funny one, I was singing to my cat while getting ready for work. I had just a shitt and diaper on. My cat was sitting in my window sill watching something and I walked up and sang "whaaaat do you seeeee" and right then a jogger ran by and started laughing. I don't know if she was laughing at me singing to my cat, at me in a diaper (if she saw it not I don't know), or both. She now waves hello to me and my cat every morning now.

    What are some of your "oops" encounters/situations?

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    I'm still kinda new to wearing regularly but when i was shopping I had to pee so i let go. My diaper was wet already and I thought it could hold more--it didn't and I leaked down my leg and left a small puddle. I quickly finished my shopping and headed home but I was pretty embarrassed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaddedDeist View Post
    I'm still kinda new to wearing regularly but when i was shopping I had to pee so i let go. My diaper was wet already and I thought it could hold more--it didn't and I leaked down my leg and left a small puddle. I quickly finished my shopping and headed home but I was pretty embarrassed.
    I've had that happen a few times. Had my catheter get bent to it stopped the free flow for a while and I just have moved just right and it straightened out and had a massive flood. At that time my bladder was holding 1200ml and I released about that much. Thankfully it was at the end of my shopping trip so not much of a big deal.

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    Once, I was checking out the bluray she at Best Buy and I was wearing and Abena L4. I had only wet once so far that day so I thought I would be ok to wet again. WRONG! I leaked and it ran down my pant leg and made a puddle on the carpet. I was wearing black pants so it wasn't to noticeable, but I practically ran to the restroom to take off the diaper.

    Another one was when I was driving on my way to see a customer. I had a dry molicare super plus on. I had to go pee and I figured it was safe. Nope. I leaked and made a big round wet spot near my left cheek. I was wearing beige pants so it was super noticeable. I had to find a gas station restroom so I could remove the diaper and my pants. Dried the pants off in the air dryer so I could go to my meeting.

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    Luckily I don't leak that much now, since I found my solution, but there has been times in the past, and still times now when I get too busy...

    A little bit of background information, most of the people I work with know about my diapers, and the fact I am little. There are times in my line of work, where tapping into little space can actually be advantageous with having to come up with really unique solutions. Hell, I have beanie babies and plushies all over my desk. So when I first re-injured my back and bladder, it took a while for incontinence to rear its ugly little head. There were a few times that I had to do the walk of shame through the plants with totally soaked pants and socks. After that, I turned back to diapers, and my stories will start there. And the best part, most people are really accepting of the fact I am trans, especially now that I have been taken off HRT for medical reasons.

    Story 1:

    After getting enough courage to start changing work clothes at work again, I decided Friday will be casual diaper day, along with our office policy of casual clothes. The first time I did this, I wore an amor to work, double boosted just to be sure. I was changing in the locker room, a friend walks in, gets a full view of my bent over padded butt and starts cracking up. I straighten up, start blushing and turn around cause I recognize the laugh. I'm frozen with embarrassment, and he just looks at me and defuses the situation with a rather boisterous 'You know, If I were into trannies, I'd love to see that sight every night! That's really cute by the way.' I was blushing most of the day, but despite being 'caught', felt good about myself.

    Now it seems, people always walk in when I am bent over doing something or another. Can't be helped with 800 people changing in the three locker rooms a day. People have seen me in all kinds of abu, rearz, idyls, amors, ect. And it has turned into a friendly game of 'Guess which diaper I am wearing Friday'.

    Event 2:

    I had some issues with my wrists and hands for a while, real shakey, wasn't able to grasp things right, ect. Dropped everything. Luckly now all I deal with is some stiffness and light pain once in a while. I was in a meeting with some of the higher ups. Our CEO, Head Quality engineer, Head Product Engineer, ect. Going normal for me, we are figuring stuff out. My thumb is in my mouth, I am offering suggestions and ideas to follow up on. The meeting is breaking up, CEO comes over, I go to pick up my coffee, hand is working fine it seems, a little shakey, but not too bad. Something happens, my hand twitches and I 'throw' the coffee (luckily cooled down) all over the CEO. He looks shocked, pissed, I know I am about to have a really bad day because of it.
    Nope, he actually came over to make sure I was alright, and tell me I had some really good ideas on a fix. He noticed a lot of wrist rubbing, massaging, and shaking and obvious signs of pain. And while the coffee did spoil the moment some, after a few moments of chit chat, me apologizing, ect, he offers a really good solution 'You need sippy cup.' Now every time he visits, he brings me a new sippy, and always makes sure its filled with lukewarm black coffee for both our protection. I'm no longer in a position where I have regular meetings with him, but he always stops by my desk every visit.

    Event 3:

    I am with the entire 'executive' global quality staff, and by this time, all of them know and realize that me needing a break can happen at anytime. We know each other so well, that when some of them come to the US, they bring my packs of different European diapers to try. Great friends really. We are in the middle of a 'global quality crisis', I am the customers' contact for updates, the last approval needed to get machines back up and running. Everything is looking better, starting to look up, and we are in a meeting discussing how things are going. Its dragging on, been at the meeting for about an hour so far. I start squirming. Not just normal, sitting too long squirming, but OMG I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS DIAPER NOW BEFORE IT BURSTS squirming. I don't want to interrupt the meeting because there's a lot of important stuff going on. My manager looks at me, watches me fidget for a few minutes long and then starts laughing.

    He looks around and declares 'Well, let's break for lunch. Meet back up in thirty. Besides, someone needs a change before she falls out of her chair.' I died....

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    Never had anything that bad, but back when my urges were full and.... violent, I was still trying to use depends. (This was about 20 years ago back when they were still green and half decent). I had been out food shopping and my diaper was already pretty full. Sure enough anither urge hit me, and I proceeded to empty a near full bladder. Of course it leaked, and I had to leave my wife and basket behind so I could go grab my diaper bag.

    As I'm walking out I hear a call for a cleanup on isle (whatever number it was). They then add, the whole isle. I go get my bag and walk back in asking for where their bathrrom is. Which is in the back of course.

    And as I'm taping the new diaper on, I'll be darned the tape rips clear off the backing. So I try and salvage it by using the now loose tape to secure the diaper in place. I resume shopping with my wife, and little did I know my tape repair had come loose. The cashier (who was closest to the front door) realised I was the one who had the leak, and try to half-comfort me. All the while just embarassing me further. I finally get out of there, and driving home I get another urge. Darn it if my seat didn't end up more wet than my diaper did.

    And that was the last time I ever used those undependable depends.

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