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Thread: Harvey F***ing Weinstein

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    Default Harvey F***ing Weinstein

    Any thoughts on Weinstein and his shenanigans?

    Can't say I'm totally surprised given that Hollywood is controlled by the Left and its members tend to protect their own in case of, say, sexual abuse.

    Why wouldn't anyone respond right away?
    Did anyone listen to Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood's reports on pedofork rings in the film industry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZetaSonic View Post
    Can't say I'm totally surprised given that Hollywood is controlled by the Left and its members tend to protect their own in case of, say, sexual abuse.
    Did it surprise you that Roger Ailes, Bill O'Riley, and Donald Trump were protected from the right in their sexual abuse scandals?

    It's bizarre to turn the issue of powerful men abusing their power and wealth to get away with decades of sexual abuse and worse into a partisan issue. These are horrific serial crimes, and should inspire our ire and outrage irrespective of politics.

    It's a good thing that we're seeing so many examples coming to light all of a sudden because it suggests we're starting to get more serious about the issue such that there is increasing space for the victims to come forward and hold people accountable sooner.

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    Even Walt Disney himself has been called out for sexual shenanigans, Bill Cosby, Alfred Hitchcock and so many more that the casting couch is old news. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and any power corrupts almost everyone. It is not right and should not be tolerated but no one should be so shocked by the medias hype of old news.

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    The sad thing is that so many people like him get away with it for so many years. It works on both sides of the coin as well. When I was a college student, majoring in church music, I got hit on by all sorts of older men. I had a student church where I was the director. One of my tenors, a much older man, invited me to his house for dinner. When I got there, there was another man, his "friend" and they started on me, complimenting my shirt, which was just a shirt, and had to feel the shirt and thus me. Their comments became more sexual. After dinner I excused myself telling them that I had a date with my (non existent) girlfriend. About a month later I was fired from my job and I know he caused it.

    I could go on and on with other stories, but frankly, they're all painful so I'll just submit that one. That said, predictors are creeps regardless of their politics.

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    This is a national, if not worldwide, problem. Where I work, there is an employee who has pushed wayy past the line of decency towards women. Two women reported him, and all he got was a two week suspension. How could you not fire him?! My problem is I know that there were more victims of his sexual harassment. Many of them either just brushed it off or were in fear of telling a supervisor/HR. I think this is something that needs to be addressed beginning school age. Can you imagine years from now, when we tell the next generation that woman were abused/harassed in the work place in 2017? Almost a hundred years after women could vote in the United States?? I like to think of ourselves as a "future" generation, but when things like this happen, whew... sad. I can't put any correct word in English for this so just.... Sad.

    And ladies... I'm sorry. I'm soo sorry. Not all men are like this. I wish the convicted were forced to wear snouts.. so everyone could know them for the pigs they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZetaSonic View Post
    Can't say I'm totally surprised given that Hollywood is controlled by the Left and its members tend to protect their own in case of, say, sexual abuse.
    I don't see this as an issue of Left versus Right. If you want to get angry about this, then just consider the fact that the system allows predators like Weinstein to get away with sexual assault and that women do not come forward because they won't be believed. It is an imbalance of power. If you want to get angry, then get angry over the fact that 70 % of women are victimized by people they know and trust.

    If you want to get angry, then get angry about the fact that we have seen these scenarios play out time and time again with the same outcome. When a woman claims she was sexually assaulted, people will jump down her throat to prove her wrong or that she was just trying to get money out of the assailant. The woman herself winds up on trial for having come forward, with every aspect of her life coming under the microscope: What was she wearing? Was she intoxicated? How many men has she slept with? Our history shows a pattern to discredit the woman to protect the predator, particularly when it is an influential figure such as a sports athlete, community leader or a hollywood movie mogul.

    Get angry about why women do not come forward to tell their stories until years or decades after being assaulted. A man rapes a woman, the woman speaks up, the woman is vilified, and the man walks free. And then when other victims do not come forward, we have the nerve to ask them why. We use their years of silence as proof they must be making it up. In spite of the fact that 5% of of rape allegations are proven to be false, we still cast doubt on the woman who dares to come forward.

    Women don't receive the benefit of the doubt by publically claiming sexual assault, and in turn, there are few cases when the violators face consequences. This just perpetuates the cycle of abuse in our society because the lack of punishment only incentivizes assaultive behaviour. Now that's something to get angry about.
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