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Thread: Adult Man with Nocturnal Enuresis

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    Default Adult Man with Nocturnal Enuresis

    Just found this not sure if it's been posted before but it's worth a read.

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    Not yours?

    I agree BTW crazy that nappies still have a stigma with them as if bed wetting needs curing like a disease.

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    No not mine, but I so relate to it.

    Yeah I'm in a very privileged situation and a suppose always have been. My parents supported me as child and pretty much encouraged me to wear nappies to bed. Saved my mum a lot of washing I guess. When I first met my wife dating she asked about my bedwetting (think at some point my mum must have told her) anyway long story short. She found it cute her words not mine that I still wet the bed and wore nappies to bed.

    Don't get me wrong she doesn't find them sexual in any way nor do I. Nappies have always been part of my life and she just understands that. :-)

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    my wife has the best attitude to bedwetting. When mine came back she encouraged me to see the doctor which I did and when it was found I had diabetic related neuropathy and my steadily increasing incontinence could not be cured. My wife told me it wasn't worth worrying about. "Just wear nappies and get on with your life." That was over five years ago and that is exactly what I did.

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    Good for you.If it was sexual tho, it doesn't matter either.Diapers can be sexual and there is nothing wrong with that.Can I get an amen?Lol.

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