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    Hey guys I am just curios I am wondering what do plastic pants,plasstic sheets look like and what do they do? just to reiterate I am not ABDL. I look forward to hearing from you guy thanks. and to the people that reply can you guys add me as friends on here thanks.

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    Back in the old days, you'd get a rubber sheet. Those gave way to vinyl, which I prefer, and further to cloth weaves that are water/stain repellent. You can still get crinkly vinyl covers for a mattress, either as a fitted sheet or as a zippered full cover Right now I'm using the latter but I've used both. I find the zippered ones tend to develop holes if one is inclined to flop on the bed; air pressure can cause them to burst. In any event, if you're going to be in wet diapers in bed, some kind of mattress protection is really a must. The crinkle of a vinyl cover is a tangible reminder that extra protection has been engaged.

    As to plastic pants, they have followed a similar development path with rubber, then vinyl, and now cloth weaves. Again, I prefer the vinyl or plastic kind but they all do pretty much the same job: they keep wetness from a diaper (most importantly cloth diapers but also disposables) from getting all over. Some kind of barrier pant is absolutely essential for cloth diapers since they're just thick cloth and when they get wet, they'll make a mess. They're less necessary with disposables that come with their own barrier but they can still be useful on occasion. This is not the only place to get those kind of pants but it has a good cross-section of examples:

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    I use either bay pants or gary. I buy them on Amazon (same place I get my diapers.) since I wear cloth diapers, if I use them for their intented purpose plastic pants are required. I prefer the baby pants they have the look & feel. however they only go up to 2XL. When you get the urge to wear a lot of diapers this isn't big enough. Also the aren't as rugged as the garys. A couple of uses and the rip out.

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    I guess I am an outlier, I have a rehab hospital bed eith a medical grade memory foam mattress .
    Since my mattress has non standard features I have to make my sheets , so I buy a heavy cotton t shirt fabric that has a waterproof polyester film between the sides use them on the bed with a bedpad on top ,as a just in case my diapers leak, the bed gets its own diapers, I wear triple boosted super heavyweight night diaper with a pair of rubber bloomers wrapped in a onesie .

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    Plastic sheets protect your bed from getting wet; plastic pants are used with cloth diapers to protect your clothes or bed. Plastic pants look like briefs and sometimes have a cloth decorative cover or are colored or may have designs printed on them.

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    As already said, plastic pants are typically used over cloth diapers that do not have a waterproof outer cover. Some people find that a larger pair of plastic pants over disposable diapers can help minimise leaks, but this is rarely necessary.

    Plastic bedsheets protect the mattress from bedwetting or leaky diapers.

    There are a huge number of different products on the market -- starting with cheap plastic pants and mattress protectors going for 3 on eBay. And going on to higher quality vinyl, latex, rubber, and plastic pants. You can get hospital-grade mattress covers that encase the entire mattress, or absorbent bed pads that you can put on the bed -- either reusable and disposable.

    There are some pictures of plastic pants here:

    And some plastic bedsheets here, along with some of the bed pads I mentioned:

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    My favorite nursery print plastic sheet:

    You can get matching plastic pants from and others.

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