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    While at work today (I work at a plumbing company) I was taking a set of deliveries and spotted a literal WALL OF DIAPERS! This was located in their basement, and was a group home of sorts. The diapers were "Select" brand - a brand I have never heard of. Does anyone know of this brand? There were over a hundred packs of 20 of these there
    They had some abena diapers there too. The worker I dealt with saw me checking the shelves out and explained to me about how incontinence is a major issue for a number of those at the group home. I low key wanted to say "me too" and pry a little more, but didn't want to be weird!

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    I used to wear their type diapers until I switched over to Rearz Safari. here is the name of the company principal business enterprise they own the tranquility diapers. Here is a link. If you want to check them out more. and here is the direct link for the select.
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    "Select" is basically Tranquility's cheaper brand. They are both made by the same company and if I remember correctly look the same, but have way less absorbency and are cheaper.

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    About 12 years ago I was a meter reader for my local utility company, on many urban routes most meters were inside peoples basements (like apartment houses) and different basements had different storage options for there tenants, I saw tons of adult medical diaper boxes and millions of baby diaper boxes. The funny thing about the baby diaper boxes is usually the diaper size was in size 5 or 6 range (I guess because it was a bigger box)
    The adult diaper boxes are a lot more common then we think, lots of people access them.
    The other cool building was a nursing home campus, there meter was also inside a large storage building and while that building also held other supplies the majority of that buildings ground space was pallets of diapers. (don't remember the brand though)

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