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Yes, the urge and feeling just became WAY to strong, I got into a mindset of do it now and deal with the consequences later. Luckily I found a physical store nearby that actually stocked ABU diapers. That drive to the store will probably be one of my the most scariest and thrilling rides ever that I can never really explain to anybody. I sat in the car outside, one part of me saying "this is stupid, turn back NOW!" and another saying "You've waited 30 years for this moment, don't you DARE chicken out!".
I can understand that. I finally convinced myself to buy my first pack of adult diapers in a kind of weird way. I had been thinking about buying a pack but it seemed weird and felt like i would be taking a huge step into feeding the urge which i was already worried about doing. The problem was at the time i lived in a small town, the kind of place where the rest of town would know i just bought a pack of diapers before i even made it home. Well anyway the urge kept growing but i just kept ignoring it. Then one night i slipped on some wet floor and knocked myself out on the way down, ended up with a concussion and a terrible headache. The next morning i was sitting there really out of it wishing i could be in a diaper so i wouldn't have to get up and i had this thought and strong urge of "your doing this now". I got up and got dressed and drove an hour to the next closest and bigger town and went to Target. I sat in the parking lot for awhile like why the hell did i just drive an hour with a concussion for a pack of diapers. I felt kind of disgusted with myself and out of that i was like "fine, you've come this far you might as well just do it and get it over with" so i walked in and bought a pack of the first thing that looked like that diaper and not a pullup and got out as fast as i could.

End the end i was really happy i finally did it, the relief i felt putting the first one on was amazing and felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest.

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I still HAVE to tell my wife (that's a conversation that's coming up soon!) but I'm oddly calm about it. At the moment I'm kind of in a feeling of knowing this isn't going away and having this hidden side is tiring.

Who knows what's going to happen, life has dealt me these cards and I'll just have to deal with what happens next..... in the comfort of these AWESOME Kiddo diapers (I mean they have OWLS on them!) :-)
Wish you luck! Hopefully she is understanding and things go great for you. You sound like you have a great attitude about life and how it goes sometimes.

Im jealous of the owls, but im just hoping to find some rocket ship ones which would be amazing!